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I'm a Skilled Prop maker currently enrolled in a build my own major program to follow my dream of working behind the scenes in the film industry .

Here's My artist statement:
I create props and costumes from iconic films and television shows to keep the art of practical effects alive. Ever since childhood, films of fantasy like Star Wars and Tim Burton’s Batman stood out to me as ways to escape everyday life. I was amazed how the imaginative costumes and tools used in these worlds were so believable. As I grew up my love of costumes and props grew to the point of me creating them myself. I am a prop maker.

It’s easy to overlook props in contemporary CGI driven cinema. Props do many things. They become more than just objects, they become symbols. A prop can be a hero’s strength, or weakness. A good prop can represent a character, to the point where that object can’t be thought of without thinking of that character. Most Importantly, props are objects and objects are things everyone can relate to.
It is empowering to turn materials from nothing into something. I get the satisfaction of physically owning the object, as well as improving my skills as a maker. The beauty of a prop or costume is not in the final product, but the process in which it is made. It’s therapeutic, I feel an overwhelming sense of self confidence that arises when I take simple, often found materials and transform them using complex strategies and techniques into something believably from another world. It is a massive sense of accomplishment. I strive to set my props apart from their counterparts on the big screen by recreating them in my own style. I always make changes to my creations, using the original prop design as a template to create something unique in its’ own universe. Some have minor alterations, others are more dramatic interpretations. I create my props and costumes in states of wear and decay to tell a visual story of where they’ve been and how long they’ve been there. If I have a prop that’s been locked up for thousands of years, I’ll play with realistic textures of rust and patinas to tell my own version of the story of that particular item, away from it’s film’s original intention, contextualizing the object in it’s own universe. By distancing these objects from their original design and aesthetic, I am making my own version of the worlds that inspire me, demonstrating that I have the skills to create these objects, while remaining true to their origins and my imagination.

Makere in my free time. Prop making is my passion.
San Francisco
Freelance Propmaker and Art Department in Bay Area
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