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Hi fellow hunters, this is an update from my last one, but with more info. I have loved predators for as long as i can remember. I've seen the movies dozens of times and have drawn countless predator concepts. Now i'm working a=on ideas to make a bio helmet for display. Soon i will post them and show you guys my ideas. I have many and have chosen my new bio helmet. But there's one (or more) problems. I have the concept ready but no materials. i know my first step is sculpting but no clay, i can get that, but most likely the sculpt will be sitting around my house for god knows how long because i don't know how to make a mother mold and casting it.well thats more than 1 problem. And one more thing, if there's any sculptors out there that have no ideas come see mine that i will be posting very soon. If you like, sculpt it,but i would like to know about it,and maybe have one of them,raw.It maybe asking to much but i would still like it and very much appreciate it.Thats all, bye<br />
And look at this -&gt;
Apr 3, 1998 (Age: 26)
Isabella,Puerto Rico