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    Witcher 3 Griffin's Head HELP

    For about the past week or so, I've been building a griffin's head from The Witcher 3 to mount on a while as a faux taxidermy. I'm at the home stretch and I need to attach the fake hair from the wigs I purchased to the black fur but I can't think of an appropriate adhesive to use. Any...
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    Fallout 4 TES-51 Power Armor build

    Thanks! The pup's armor is very real. Actually right next to my desk. He's long outgrown it but I intend to make a new set for him in a month or two once he's done growing.
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    Fallout 4 TES-51 Power Armor build

    New to the site and thought I'd throw my most prideful build so far: The Skyrim-inspired power armor from a Fallout 4 mod. Enjoy!