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    LOTR Ext. Ed. blu-ray best price?

    Being disabled now (blind in one eye, legally blind in the other one), my family relies on Amazon for things that we'd normally buy at the store, like non-perishables, cereal, rice, etc. We have Prime, too, so shipping is never an issue. We just have to know 2 days ahead of time that we're...
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    Whats the *best* adhesive

    Amazing GOOP will bond almost anything to almost anything. Concrete to wood, plastic to metal, etc. $4 at Walmart in the plumbing aisle. :thumbsup:thumbsup
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    Casino Royale Vesper Lynd business card

    Does anyone have a copy of the 2nd version that they could post, as the link now appears to be dead. :(
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    LOTR Ext. Ed. blu-ray best price?

    I recently pre-ordered a boxed set from Amazon, which right after it was released (and it arrived at my house), Amazon dropped the price $3 online - which they credited to my account. I have no problem ordering the LOTR BRD extendeds from Amazon. :thumbsup
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    HIC Panel Graphics

    No problem! :thumbsup
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    HIC Panel Graphics You have to have an account and sign in first, of course. :)
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    IG88 Head

    Yeah, it really sucks to be totally blind in one eye and have 20% vision in the other, technically making me "disabled". I do what I'm able to do (and what my income allows), though. :)
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    IG88 Head

    My full-size is nearing completion after 15 months of working on it. I should have the option of displaying it at our 501st garrison booth as a torso or as the full body by separating him at the waist. Thanks to those who have followed my progress on Facebook over the past year. I'll try and...
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    Fifth Element Blu-Ray at Amazon for $10.49!

    I know there are a lot of Fifth Element fans here, so I thought that I'd pass this along. Amazon currently has the remastered Blu-Ray on sale for $10.49. This isn't the 1st Blu-Ray version they did that looked horrible. This is the "good" 2nd version that looks awesome. Snag it if you...
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    The Men who Stare at Goats

    Wow! Me too! I received a shipping notification this morning! :lol
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    Never seen Firefly, thinking of picking it up on BR 3056 customer reviews. 5 out of 5 stars. What more do you need to know? ;) Seriously, it's awesome. I own 3 copies of the DVD set. I watch one and swap out...
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    Tim Burtons to take on Sleeping Beauty?

    I'd like to see a dark American McGee-meets-MacFarlane version of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, or Alice. :thumbsup:thumbsup Fairy tales were originally dark, and nothing like the Disney versions.
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    Mythbuster Question

    +1 And my G19... And pretty much all Glocks for that matter. :)
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    Fox cancels 24

    I was a fan, but I haven't watched it in years, myself. I think it probably IS time for it to go...
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    Fox cancels 24

    Didn't see this posted...