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    Star Wars Sold

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    Star Wars Sold

    Original Pulce 40 speargun. I’ve been sitting on this guy for a minute. Was going to convert it to screen accuracy but just don’t have the time. Asking $400 plus shipping or best offer. Everything in picture is included. Will only ship to CONT. US. Don’t buy it now. PM me please.
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    Another Boba Fett Helmet (ESB of course)

    Just recently finished getting all the electronics installed and working. Parts List: Honeywell 1SX1-T sub mini snap action switch. Fettinator Industries - Rangefinder wireless servo kit Fettinator Industries - Rangefinder led light kit Machinecraft Replicas - Aluminum Hollow Rangefinder Stalk.
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    Boba Fett ESB helmet for Odiwan72

    Gorgeous work as always brother! (y)
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    Y-Wing Helmet Build —- FINISHED PICS PAGE 2

    Very Authentic. Love the paint job. I hope to do one of these in the future as well since it's probably my second favorite Starwars Helmet next to Boba Fett.
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    ROTS Vader Reveal Casting & Build Up with Semi ROTJ

    Tony...This is such beautiful work brother! Love it.
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    Villainworks MDF ESB Fett for C John

    Such a great paint job brother! Glad to see you still painting (y)
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    My replica props

    Love this!!! Just one critique and I'm a little biased but, you gotta get some better lighting on your Fett! Even a simple LED par can at his feet with orange or red shining up like it would have been during the HIC scene in ESB ;)...
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    Another Boba Fett Helmet (ESB of course)

    Thanks Jedi :D Thanks! I appreciate the kind compliments (y)
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    Fettastic ESB EE-3 Found Parts Build

    Shoot, I was hoping it wasn't as wide as your plastic barrel mount. Well, 1mm isn't too bad but yeah the bulkyness is my main concern. My initial plan was to grind the inside of the barrel mount down as to make a cavity for the clamp to reside in and then use JB weld to fuse them together. I...
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    Fettastic ESB EE-3 Found Parts Build

    Not necessarily a found part yet since I don’t believe it has been 100% identified but this piece comes very close to what we see in reference photos as the pipe clamp that goes on the back barrel mount. I think it’s the best actual clamp without modification that I’ve seen yet. I don’t believe...
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    Fettastic ESB EE-3 Found Parts Build

    Recently got this found part 4x20 scope with accurate tall feet Hero scope mounts. Call me a sucker for brand matching but I love the idea of having an accurate found part Webley & Scott no.1 mkI with an accurate found part Webley and Scott 4x20 scope to sit on top. Keep in mind there are many...
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    Another Boba Fett Helmet (ESB of course)

    Finished the red band portion to the back side of the helmet including the key slots. I also added the white smudges on the killstripes and the notorious thumb smudge on the red band. Honestly one of my favorite details. I'm torn on whether the smudges were intentionally painted by Joe to imply...
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    Another Boba Fett Helmet (ESB of course)

    Finished with the Ears, Rangefinder and stock including the weathering and small detailing of scratches, rust, spatter, and lettering.