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    Anovos Ghostbusters Proton Pack Kit

    I just got mine yesterday. Super excited to get started, but no Instructions or parts list. I saw there were instructions in this thread. Anovos wrote me back and said instructions were being finalized and are coming to the website soon.
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    Buzz Lightyear Laser

    When I did mine, I rewired the LED "laser" and speaker from the toy into my suit. Even used a remote flashlight push button for swat so i could use like the movie.
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    Goonies Copper Bones - COMPLETE

    Don't forget the inscription on the back ;)
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    Poor coverage from Montana Gold spray paint

    Your problem isn't the Montana's the crappy Rustoleum base coat.
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    Obtaining Licenses to Offer Prop Replicas

    Well he didn't say anything but marvel either..... That's all the work i'm gonna do, took about 5 seconds.
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    Obtaining Licenses to Offer Prop Replicas

    For any questions about Merchandise Licensing, please contact: Marvel Consumer Products at
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    best way to handle overspray\bleed through?

    Best way for this: paint the black Tape it off Paint black again Then paint the orange.
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    Orko Cosplay

    I put this Orko costume together for a party I just went to. Super easy to do and a lot of fun to wear. It's a bit of an unknown character to those who tend to cosplay nowadays so you'll be sure to be met with questioning stares and ridicule. BUT NOBODY WILL SEE YOUR SAD FACE!!! So it's all...
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    Buzz Lightyear Pepakura

    I freehanded most of mine. I used the feet and legs mostly. Deodorant tops for the buttons are perfect.
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    New Jersey Somerset County Pints and Pencils Inaugural Meeting

    We created a group on FB if anyone is interested. Planning a meeting Mid November.
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    Having real problems with a commission

    Yeah with a little math I think I know who it is. I'm a little surprised. I would think not only that they were Busy, but paid well and be able to afford a refund.
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    will i upset people if i dress as blade

    These days, someone will be butthurt by anything you do. Impossible to not offend anymore. I bet I am offending someone right now.
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    New Jersey Somerset County Pints and Pencils Inaugural Meeting

    Starting this month some folks around Somerset County New Jersey will be getting together for our inaugural Pints & Pencils meeting for some Drawing, sculpting, painting. Whatever your poison. We are shooting for the 24th or 31st at Willie McBrides on Rte 28 in Branchburg. If you are from the...
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    Robbie The Robot lookalikes?

    I clicked just to see that!! You guys never disappoint! R#)%e the Robot is Taboooooooooo