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    Dexter's Kill Bag and Tools

    The Kill Knife was an original design, my friend Brian did them for the last 2 seasons of Dexter. This pic is a set of 'hero' knives from the show...
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    Grand Nagus Staff? Anyone ever seen a replica of this?

    I have molds on this Staff - just got them done. The head was in bad shape, and I had to re-do the diamond pattern cross-hatching on the Headdress, but all other aspects are cast off a staff out of the original molds - Got the casting from ICONS when I worked there. If there's interest, I'll...
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    My Marvin the Martian Raygun

    This is the only one, and was sold many years back. It's just cut & shaped wood, some tubing, the rings around the barrel are wooden wheels from Michael's - just draw it out and start cutting things out - sand, prime, paint assemble...
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    My Full Size Speeder Bike Replica

    They're are blueprints, models, toys out there of the Bike - I scaled my Bike to be 11 feet long. You can use any of the things I mentioned and just scale it up to 11' long. Once you have a number to multiply your source by to create 11' long, use that same number to multiply every dimension...
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    My Full Size Speeder Bike Replica

    Thanks again for all the kind words. I still have parts for one more... Someday...
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    5' Studio Scale USS Voyager (RESEARCH THREAD)

    There is a Japanese book/magazine called 'Star Trek Mechanics - official guide 4'. There's around 37 close-up photos of the Voyager filming model - really good source to have. I suggest tracking one of these down to help - maybe Amazon might have it??
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    fake blood in petri dish

    Be a man and cut your thumb like they did in the 80's "The Thing". Just kidding - above suggestions should work well - good luck!!
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    Buck Rogers pistol

    The first four pictures are of my replica gun that I did about 7 years ago - I know because I decided that I wanted just a bit more detail and an obvious 'tell' that it was my gun - the circle inset on the real gun is smooth, empty, no detail. My gun I put in two detail pieces off of the...
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    Equilibrium: "Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams..."

    Love the movie - great prop you made there!
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    The FP movie trailer

    I think this one jumped the shark into stupid!
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    White Collar - Ark Cameo!

    Awesome! Loved that they put this in the show!
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    What actor is the best cast as the superhero character they play?

    I agree with Pearlman for Hellboy - Gotta be Christopher Reeves as Superman for me.
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    Darth Skeletor 1:1 bust

    Too Cool!
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    Good-bye, Col. Potter

    MASH & Dragnet two great characters - he will be missed.