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  1. ewige

    Unlimited Run John Wick Coins - Round 8 - starting new list

    Re: John Wick - Round 3 - Coins have arrived. You can PAY now. Please send me a PM if you can handle releasing two more coins-- I would love to have one and give one to a friend who insisted I watch it.
  2. ewige

    ID this wristwatch

    Longines and eterna also had some pretty close models, but I'm still looking. Really, though, looking at the caps, the name is likely to be two words with a location beneath them like Patek Philippe Geneve or Girard Perregaux or vacherons constantin, etc.
  3. ewige

    ID this wristwatch

    You know, I'd even been to that website but didn't think to check it for this one because it so clearly said "Movies" and i instantly thought cinema, not TV. I haven't got my hands on a bluray copy of this yet to see if there was ever a legible shot of the face.
  4. ewige

    ID this wristwatch

    It's an earnest request phrased as a trivia question :) I'd really like to find out what watch it is, but I know some folks here like hunting this sorta thing down, myself included.
  5. ewige

    ID this wristwatch

    Well, I looked around and couldn't find any info on it, so I thought I'd see if any eagle eyed watch-hounds can ID this watch. It should be a model from the 1960's (although it could conceivably be from the 50's), likely manufactured in Europe. I don't know enough about watches to identify it...
  6. ewige

    Stand aside for the glory that is DOOM!

    DOOM is a tyrant and must be stopped! Love the sculpt so far :)
  7. ewige

    TDK - did the Joker win? Your thoughts.

    The Joker won two-fold, because he corrupted Dent and in the end Batman had to kill. He knocked Harvey fatally off the garage.
  8. ewige

    Customs charges UK

    I know a gent I recently sent some stuff to from US (to UK), it was about $400 worth of stuff and it took six days to clear customs. Had to pay some ludicrous amount of VAT (I think it was 60-80£)
  9. ewige

    Half Life 2 Gravity Gun build (tons o' pics!)

    That thing has to be a royal pain in the ass to assemble on a flat table. Kudos! Love the char effect on the crystals.
  10. ewige

    Lost Virgin Mary statue build thread (image heavy)

    Yep, and replied.
  11. ewige

    What are you wearing for Halloween?

    Okay, that is startling. I didn't see a single zombie this weekend that frightening.
  12. ewige

    Fem Inspector Gadget Costume

    Hahahaha, that's Awesome.
  13. ewige

    Halloween: LOST (Lapidus)

    Thanks! We had our Darkside patch and emergency blanket with us too ;)
  14. ewige

    Magneto and Mystique: First time post

    That's just astounding. Awesome work :)
  15. ewige

    Halloween: LOST (Lapidus)

    That's terrific! Me and the wife went as DI folks, complete with fail-safe key, water, guns, packs, etc. great fun :)

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