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  1. EvilRocketeer

    Chronicle Collectibles Gone?

    People are mentioning MRG. We all kinda expected that to happen. History repeated itself. That’s why they weren’t allowed on the rpf.
  2. EvilRocketeer

    Interest Cold Cast Rocketeer helmet

    What’s the origin of the helmet? You seem to skip those questions about it
  3. EvilRocketeer

    RIP Grant Imahara MYTHBUSTERS

  4. EvilRocketeer

    Y: The Last Man (FX Series)

    FX has announced Y: the Last Man will debut in 2021. Yay! Also Ben Schnetzer will play Yorick. Which to me is a better choice then the original actor they had picked out. plus show is no longer called Y. It’s back to its original title. Loving the changes they making so far.
  5. EvilRocketeer

    Kobe Bryant dies in Helicopter crash

    Growing up in Southern California, you can see the impact he had on my generation. He was a living legend in basketball. The michael Jordan of our era. I’m not a basketball fan, but he was sports royalty. Completely shock. Never thought this could happen. Always thought he would grow old like...
  6. EvilRocketeer

    The Hollywood Museum Presents Back to the Future Trilogy: The Exhibit

    I know you guys have amazing replica collections. But hoping “other plans” means screen used props. I know a lot of people including myself were disappointed in their Batman tv show exhibit. Majority was reproductions. Felt like it was falsely advertised. Wasn’t worth admission price.
  7. EvilRocketeer

    Interest Rocketeer Rocket Pack and Harness screen accurate ***Deposits closed

    Common excuse that’s overused in this forum. Shouldn’t take more than 2 years of nothing but excuses and lack of communication
  8. EvilRocketeer

    Interest Rocketeer Rocket Pack and Harness screen accurate ***Deposits closed

    If you have to convince him to own up and create a message then that’s a huge red flag. Guy shouldn’t be on the rpf anymore. Who would want to buy from a seller that has to be talked into following through with his work.
  9. EvilRocketeer

    The OA (Netflix original series)

    surprisingly enjoyed this show. not the best original series, but it was good and entertaining. Started horrendously slow, but amazing at the end of season 1. That finale. wow. then season 2 came, and it wasn't as good. felt it was lagging a bit. It picked up towards the end, but the whole...
  10. EvilRocketeer

    Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Post-release)

    worst film I have seen all year, and probably top 10 worst films I have ever seen. 2 hours and 45 minutes. Its like they didnt cut anything. Movie could have been condensed to a hour and half or less so many pointless overly drawn out scenes. Im surprised he didnt film the actors taking huge...
  11. EvilRocketeer

    Avengers: Endgame (Post-release)

    Think the main focus was iron mans death during the battle. Captain marvel seemed more like a sidelined character. Like they purposely tried to leave her out the best they can. Would take away the focus on iron man and captain America. Wasn’t Thanos creative with the infinity stones though and...
  12. EvilRocketeer

    Avengers: Endgame (Post-release)

    Easy answer. They want more sequels to her film series. Kinda like why didn’t dr strange use his infinity stone to turn back time. Cause endgame wouldn’t happen
  13. EvilRocketeer

    Avengers: Endgame (Post-release)

    *****Spoilers don’t read. Not using tag.****** This is a post release thread so we shouldn’t be using spoiler tags anymore. Coming in at your own risk to be spoiled. Why even click the thread when it says post release. Anyways. Be warned. I’m not using the tag. Overall loved loved the film...
  14. EvilRocketeer

    Shazam! (Post-release)

    I’m really surprised how much I enjoyed it. Wasn’t much of a Shazam comic fan. But movie is so well done. Entertaining from start to finish and the Superman cameo was fantastic. Too bad they couldn’t get Henry to do it. And the acting was great. Levi did wonderful. Even foster kids did well.
  15. EvilRocketeer

    Captain Marvel (Post-release)

    thought it was okay. The cgi on making fury and coulston young is amazingly good. Very impressed by it, but the story and rest of film was just meh. She makes a perfect captain marvel, but overall movie wasn't that good.

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