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    Want to Buy Looking for a Mark 6 Iron Man helmet

    WTB full-size Mark 6 helmet, preferably fully painted and lit. Repairs on a damaged old Thorssoli resin helmet I finished a while back are... not going all that well, and I'm exploring options for replacement.
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    Limited Run IRON MAN MARK II , III , IV , VI finished helmet 3D printed . NEW MARCH 2017

    Still got these available? Looking for a Mark 6 helmet, painted and lit.
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    Limited Run Jimmiroquai: R1 Deathtrooper Armor and Helmet kits: Run Now Open

    How big a head will the helmet fit? I've got a big noggin, about 24" circumference, and don't want to put down money on an outfit I can't wear.
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    Unlimited Run On Sale! Tony Stark/Iron Man Arc Reactor with Interchangeable Faceplates - 10 Hours!

    Re: On Sale! Tony Stark/Iron Man Arc Reactor with Interchangeable Bezels - 10 Hours! Putting my name on the list - complete arc reactor package, power pack upgrade, adjustable strap as discussed by PM. Will send measurements with Paypal. ETA - I want the white arc reactor.
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    Ladies can be Iron Man too (everything but the shoulders, pg 35)

    He did (which is where EyeOfSauron was going with that pic, I think). At least in the comics - two suits, actually. The first Rescue suit looked a little insectoid, to me, but the current version looks very much like a feminized version of his newest "Bleeding Edge" suit. I grabbed a copy of a...
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    Avengers Movie SPOILER Thread

    Officially awesome. Huge :thumbsup to Hiddleston for making this kid's day! ETA: Not actually Hiddleston? Wow, good resemblance there!
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    Darkside501st's Iron Man Mk VII pepakura files - Password in First Post

    Re: Darkside501st's Iron Man Mk VII pepakura files Anigrel, do you have the Pepakura Designer program? Don't need the paid version, you can open and work with PDO files with the free version, you just can't save any changes you made. You can download it from Tamasoft, a Japanese company -...
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    Our Iron Man Mark IV

    Re: Our Iron Man Mark IV (thigh-codpiece mobility video on post #13) Man, that comparison pic in post #19 is just awesome. VERY well done - I would never have guessed that it was a foam costume, if I hadn't seen some of the pics further upthread. Thanks for posting that video of the thigh piece...
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    Iron Man 3

    Nope- IM 1 had Mk 1, 2, and 3, as DuneMuadDib said. 2 and 3 were physically the same, except for color and the presence of rivets on the Mk 2 and none on the Mk 3. Mk 4 was first seen at the beginning of IM2, 5 was indeed the suitcase suit, and 6 was the one with the triangle RT, powered by the...
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    pepakura stormtrooper helmet

    That TK helmet looks spectacular! Well done!
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    Darkside501st's Iron Man/Tony Stark Gauntlet and Arc Ractor Project

    Re: Iron Man/Tony Stark Gauntlet and Arc Ractor for Halloween Could I trouble you for some construction details on the circuit board? I've never done a custom board, and would like to know what's involved in doing one the way you did. Thanks in advance.
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    AMT Enterprise 'Dimples'...Why Are They There?

    In TOS, the torpedoes appeared to be emitted, like an energy-based weapon, from the dome at the bottom of the saucer. It wasn't until TMP that an actual torpedo pod, with dedicated (visible) ports, was added to the ship.
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    Snow White and the Huntsman

    My wife is planning (and slowly working on) a family group costume from The Fall - she fell in love with Evelyn's red dress, I'll be Luigi (the explosives expert, long yellow coat), her son will be one of Evil Governor Odious' guards, in the X-Ray Tech armor, and her daughter will be the Little...
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    The Clark Griswold House Challenge...

    Gotta take a pic of the local worst offenders - there's a website for really great/really bad Christmas displays in Northern VA at Hollys Tacky Christmas Lights in Fairfax County, Virginia. Worth a look. Ah, THERE it is! Tacky Christmas Lights Details - over on Wayfarer Road, near Fairfax...
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    Foam Iron Man Mk VI WIP

    That looks really sharp! I'll tell you, the quality of foam suits and parts being posted here is just phenomenal. I tried a Mk VI chestplate this week, and once I got some contact cement to attach the pieces with (Modge Podge doesn't actually work too well for holding sections together...)...

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