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    Walking Dead - Daryl Dixon's New Bike Replica Build

    Coming together nicely.. Amazing build and eye for detail
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    Hellboy Samaritar Cast in Aluminium Build

    It's done and it is gorgeous!! How are you not flooded with posts!! This is awesome!! Alot of time well spent.. Amazing Job
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    Harry Potter Wand

    Nice job paying attention to detail, very accurate.. i also have worked with polymer clay, working with super sculpey has always given me the best results for strength and detail.. Big fan of harry potter so keep 'em coming!!
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    Fallout 4 Plasma Pistol

    That green led against that transparent cast,sick!!! Really gives off that glowing effect and makes the prop stand out... Keep up the good work!
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    Animatronic Horus helmet- here we go again!

    This looks amazing!!! What a unique build...
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    Functional Pip-boy 3000 Mk IV from Fallout 4

    Re: Pip-boy 3000 Mk4 Sick! Beautiful Model....
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    Neverending Story - The Book

    I literally was talking about this a week ago, so cool you're recreating it... Nice modelling work!!
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    Unlimited Run MAD MAX fury road FACE MASK

    We appreciate that Skaar! Here are some pictures i grabbed before i called it a night. Paint helps capture the detail. (Don't mind the crutch rig lmao, we try to keep it professional)
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    Unlimited Run MAD MAX fury road FACE MASK

    Here is the mask assembled. We will be accepting deposits once we are ready for the molding process. We will also be showing you a painted finished version. Thank you for your support.
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    Unlimited Run MAD MAX fury road FACE MASK

    Re: MAD MAX furry road FACE MASK Oh good you added the rivets, looks good man!!
  11. Ultron


    Ultron Mask... First Run
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    Interest ULTRON HELMET Avengers

    Ultron turn around of the finished model **Make sure you click on the image to capture its full detail**
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    Interest ULTRON HELMET Avengers

    Turn around of finished Ultron Helmet Model
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    Interest ULTRON HELMET Avengers

    Here are multiple screen shots of our Model, wanted our future clients to get a better look at the progress