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    V for Vendetta crowd mask again finally...

    Finally managed to nab another vendetta screen used crowd scene mask. This one stays :) along with my grinch whoville teeth lol
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    This last mask is still available....
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    Sold plz delete
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    Pamela Voorhees severed head number 15 of 20 created from original screen used prop.

    This auction is for Pamela Voorhees head number 15 of 20. Jason Farrell obtained the screen used prop from Friday the 13th part 2 from Lloyd Albin and had the head restored by Tom Spina. He then had it 3D scanned and printed, and he made 2 runs of 10. The original sales post and additional...
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    Still available
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    Tron 82' Flynn helmet kit.

    I just received this reply to my helmet post on the Tron facebook group. Chuffed beyond words.
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    *Ready to ship* Post V for vendetta mask replica 2 of 2 created from screen used mask

    Molded from a screen used crowd scene mask I obtained through a collector, who was given the piece on set. These pieces are finished incredibly accurately in thin, strong fiberglass, like the hero worn by Hugo Weaving. The style can either be a clean mask, or after the bullet damage. In the...
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    Messed this one up, delete please

    Messed up , delete please
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    What Epoxy Resin that works with Smooth-on?

    I use smoothcast pourable resin for rebound and mold max. Highly recommend it.
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    Tron 82' Flynn helmet kit.

    Alberto its on its way to you!