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  1. eldwain

    Help! Armor Weathering.

    Hey there all, so I recently finished my first Halo armor. I did an ODST build and it turned out farly good. I was able to do lots of weathering in the form of scratches as you can see below. Now My Problem is the scratches look cool and all but to give it that battlefield look I want to get...
  2. eldwain

    Halo ODST Armor Build

    If your looking for templates and a little help check out Andrew Cook (aka Da Frontline Trooper or DFT) He has both video tutorials on youtube and templates on his facebook page for and odst build, they helped me make mine.
  3. eldwain

    Halo ODST Armor Build

    Update: I have completed the armor! I still need a helmet, and maybe a rocket launcher or sniper rifle or something, but im happy with how it turned out. (click for bigger pics) - - - Updated - - - I drew the templates myself. sorry it took me so long to reply.
  4. eldwain

    Completed Halo ODST Armor

    Thanks! Im not sure yet, i have a few ideas in mind. Iron armor set from Skyrim, Destiny Titan build, Maybe a Halo Spartan. If you have any cool ideas id love to hear them.
  5. eldwain

    Completed Halo ODST Armor

    Hello All! I am pleased to announce I have finished. This is not only my first Halo suit but this is my first cosplay ever. I only just discovered the whole cosplay and replica props scene about a year ago and thought how better than to start off with something from my favorite game. Enjoy...
  6. eldwain

    Halo ODST armor Feedback

    Hello all. im currently working on my first ever cosplay and I believe its going well. things are turning out cool. however i really want to try and take it to that next level. So i am looking for feedback and constructive criticism on my piece. i have tough skin so no need to hold back. i just...
  7. eldwain

    Halo ODST Armor Build

    Hey there everybody! good to be back. Im currently working on a suit of Halo ODST Armor. its not painted yet so it looks a little messy. I was wondering though, i'm afraid i haven't putt enough detail into the individual pieces, but on the other hand I don't want to add to much and make it look...
  8. Last Light 2

    Last Light 2

  9. Last Light 3

    Last Light 3

  10. Last Light 5

    Last Light 5

  11. Last Light 6

    Last Light 6

  12. Last Light 7

    Last Light 7

  13. Last Light 8

    Last Light 8

  14. Last Light Handgun

    Last Light Handgun

    Photos of my Sci FI handgun build, Last Light.
  15. eldwain

    Sci Fi Handgun Build.

    Hey there all! This is my first time posting on the RPF and I am happy to be apart of such an amazing and nerdy community. I have only just recently got into prop making and cosplaying (2 months now) But I made this gun here and I was wondering what you all think. It was inspired by the Duke MK...

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