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  1. el toro

    Anime 101 for beginners. Help me find a series for me and my daughters during covid.

    The original Furi Kuri aka fooly cooly or flcl from around 15 years ago is really fun. There were sequels released a few years ago and they weren’t that great.
  2. el toro

    Master Replicas Groups has filed for bankruptcy

    Similar to your situation, I called my bank to dispute the charges, and the bank issued a provisional credit pending their investigation of MRG.
  3. el toro

    Advice Needed: Putting Props Into Storage

    I recently packed several props into storage space also. I placed everything in original boxes if applicable and then stored them in large rectangular plastic storage bins from home depot. The plastic bins are meant to keep out cardboard- and glue- eating critters and protect against the fire...
  4. el toro

    RS Prop Masters Lineage Boba Fett Helmet

    maybe it was announced in one of the videos? So another £550 for the aluminum ears? The aluminum stalk is already included in the price of the fully assembled and painted version (not sure if that’s the case with the cast only version.)
  5. el toro

    TM ESB VADER Project

    Very nice!
  6. el toro

    Chronicle / Efx Mandalorian prop replicas

    Yeah my UPS tracking number was opened on june 26th and There haven’t been any updates since then. I ordered from chronicle also.
  7. el toro

    BTTF Hoverboard

    Looking good. Are you using solid wood as the base?
  8. el toro

    Indiana Jones revolver

    On somewhat of a tangent, I ordered hasbro’s new snowspeeder and the package was inspected. I presume the package was sent to me from Pennsylvania, but the product delivered to Hasbro ultimately is from China. Not sure what to make of this, but it is interesting that a plastic snowspeeder was...
  9. el toro

    Movies you hate that everyone else likes

    I agree with you. I liked SNL’s parody better:
  10. el toro

    And the BEST Western of all time is...

    Ride in the Whirlwind directed by Monte Hellman and written by and starring Jack Nicholson. It was shot back to back with Hellman’s other western, The Shooting, which also starred Nicholson and had the great Warren Oates. They’re atypical, existential westerns, which share traits with...

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