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    Magic of Myth ( MoM ) Luke RotJ Hero ( cave build ) lightsaber research, images, reference, & collaborative model builder's discussion.

    I’ve attached photos of the resin cast from the screen used lightsaber that I bought from Teecrooz (which is originally from Brundlefly). It looks like the plate is flush. Also, as an earlier point, I can’t see any marking for that circular indent/scratch/glue drop on the side of the emitter...
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    Akira sequel series

    Anyway the prospect of an Akira series sounds exciting. However, because of presumably limited financing, the series can’t match the movie’s technical accomplishments - 70mm film at 24fps, which even Disney didn’t employ except for limited circumstances. I wonder what Otomo will decide to do...
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    Akira sequel series

    The article is a bit unintentionally ambiguous. As mentioned by Axloti, Akira is cyberpunk and not steampunk. Steamboy is steampunk. Also the description of the new series doesn’t sound like a sequel to Akira, unless it’s the equivalent of Halloween III season of the witch or almost the entire...
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    Limited Run As-Production-Made Obi-wan ANH Stunt Hilts (Foundry Cast Alu)

    I’m interested in a v3 - production/current.
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    Interest Stop motion Taun Taun Head 2nd generation cast.

    Very nice. Too bad it’s only for the EU.
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    "Amazing" Star Wars "Discovery"

    Let's be frank here. Pablo can't know about every prop's history and background. However, when Pablo "discovered" this NY graflex point, why didn't he simply google his "finding" to verify that he just discovered a novel (or uncommon) point. The fact that he didn't indicates intellectual...
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    EFX PCR boba helmet

    We could always message bait to see if they still have a healthy supply.
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    Did Last Jedi inspire you for a new project?

    TLJ inspired me to appreciate the much maligned prequels and their props much more in comparison.
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    SOLD / Thanks

    I’ll take the holy grail.
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    SOLD - Mars Attacks ray gun

    I have one of these as well. Mimic did a great job on them, and the paint job is top notch. The green marbling is really well done and the candy red accentuates it.