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    Blade runner K's spirit bottle

    bump :)
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    Gold vintage microma watch 2 buttons Blade runner

    bump before I remove this item for sale in 48 hours :)
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    Star Wars Vintage Graflex 3 Cell Top

    I think he said he would take parts from his part boxes. Secondly, you are not a premium member and what you are doing is forbidden and unfair for people like me for instance that actually has a glass eye for sale in the junkyard and is paying the premium membership to sell stuff. thank you
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    OdiWan72´s prop family

    awesome bunch of stuff! I'm so Jealous Markus! looking forward to see more (y)
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    Star Wars Macrobinoculars parts

    still available :) talk to me if you need help disassembling or assembling :)
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    Star Wars Singlepoint scope

    price lowered
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    Star Wars real slave Kobold flash for custom droid caller (no clip!)

    anyone? :cautious:
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    EE8 binding posts for blade runner blaster (price for one)

    all are still available :)
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    Star Wars vintage Graflex glass eye

    bump :)
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    Star Wars vintage Graflex beer tabs with rivets

    bump and price lowered :)
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    Diy graflex

    a set of super accurate T tracks from ROy at are only 12USD now and shipping is always free. It's extremely hard to beat that. ;)
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    Thermal Detonator Build (KR/OR)

    great result, congrats :)
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    Star Wars Dark Energy creation - DL44 Aluminum ANH kit

    if you buy it, I start today, and I'm serious ;)