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    Star Wars ANM2

    WOw... missed out lol
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    Star Wars Vintage MPP Flash Tube for Vader Lightsaber

    Don't forget the 30% buyer's premium... plus that also didn't include whatever shipping there may be... I estimated the final tally for that one at about ~$3,500 USD before shipping... a new record I believe!
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    Mugatu’s Souvenirs, Novelties, Party Tricks

    Yeah... I thought you were going to pass out lol
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    Darth Vader ROTJ-MoM stunt lightsaber

    I'm also currently sitting on an unused kit from Elvis Trooper while I wait for the opportunity to have my Graflex top drilled out that I could potentially supply for references if need be. The only part of the kit that I'm missing is the washer/pole for the emitter.
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    Limited Run Detention Block Camera Parts

    I’d be in for a set of greebles as well!
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    Bince's collection: Screen used props / 1:1 props / Original parts - Add: Ewok's prop

    Nice looking relic grenades! Looks like Julien came through for you in a big way!
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    Edraven99's Build Thread - You Never Forget Your First Blaster!!!

    Another quick update... still trying to figure out how to secure everything together, but... Let there be light!!
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    Limited Run Superman Crystals! Run's closed. Order's placed. Now we wait...

    Yeah... I'm in for the updated crystal too! lol
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    Edraven99's Build Thread - You Never Forget Your First Blaster!!!

    Small update... nothing earth shattering, but a nice piece for the eventual display... A couple of original MPP flash instruction booklets!
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    Vader SL finished and ready to ship

    I can attest to this. Once you have it on... correctly... you really don't want to take it off unless you absolutely have to lol... I want to take better pictures of mine, but I haven't because I don't want to take the dome off lol..
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    Star Wars Genuine .303 Browning Booster

    Nah... they've caught on... the last few have come directly from gun collectors and gun store websites and have ranged from $1,500 to $2k for the booster itself... hell I've heard a few have gone for between £1,500-£2k ... though I think this is a new record :p
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    Star Wars Genuine .303 Browning Booster

    Where do you think I got my first one ;) Congrats to Field Marshall on the new booster....