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    DL-44 ESB Blaster Discussion - Greeblies POST 208

    And they had at least three different muppet blasters on hand for Vader to catch! Plus they use both firing blasters to shoot at Vader.
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    Little help please! measurement of the radial engine part (comlink, etc)

    David, are those measurements from a vintage part? My cylinders from Reade Models which are meant to be from the same mold measure at least a few hundredths larger in all dimensions than your drawing -- the length for example is right at 1.593 inches long. If yours is a vintage part maybe it...
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    ROTJ detonator charges

    On that note, surely this was mentioned before as well, but the rectangular silver pieces with black ends look so much like slider knobs for potentiometers (think car stereo balance/fade and mixer sliders).
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    ROTJ - Rebel Limpet Mine (Used in Endor Bunker)

    Super high res photos of one of these popped up in a new Profiles listing - linked in both other threads. Should we request mods to combine...
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    Mandalorian Reference Thread

    The Mattel one is definitely a bit chibi-fied so that it's more of a toy than replica - the head seems slightly larger than it should be, and the ears smaller in relation to it. Its likeness is softer and cuter as part of that mass appeal toy/doll approach, but the feel of the character is still...
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    Batman 89 Speargun *COMPLETE*

    That approach makes total sense! When the different prop versions conflict that much you just have to pick one and go with it.
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    Batman 89 Speargun *COMPLETE*

    How flexible is that cable on the bolo attachment? Would it be possible to hollow out those little discs on the ends of the cable to act as little reels that can be manually wound? Analogous to how a weed-eater reel winds up (minus the ratchet). Cable would be fixed to the central rod of the...
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    Limited Run Batman 89 Speargun Kits

    Attachments look great - interested pending the usual :)
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    Limited Run Batman 89 Speargun Kits

    Ya got me, I'm in :)
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    Greeblie on Solo’s Bespin blaster?

    Thanks both of you for the clarification! For the hero on Dagobah, I had been wondering if there were any shots that were clear enough to tell which of the two Bespin hero blasters were used. But I just remembered: 4K on Disney Plus! (more like 1080p when captured on this PC monitor...) Looks...
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    "Stunt" Lightsaber?

    The Lenovo Jedi Challenges AR game includes a lightsaber that is a fair approximation of the Anakin/Luke/Rey Graflex. It's just about 3/8" longer and the same diameter, with some adjusted details. You can find them used on ebay for about $30. The D-ring is plastic so that's probably the only...
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    Greeblie on Solo’s Bespin blaster?

    Here ya go. Direct photo of that page of the book. Not a lot to see, though. Maybe you can help clarify something... I’d thought the two firing ESB Bespin blasters were original mausers, and the Hoth blaster an MGC. But another thread seemed to think the Bespin were MGC also. Which is which...
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    Help identify found parts - Savi's Workshop Desktop Comlink

    Agree on the LCD screen resemblance - first thing that came to mind. Maybe from an alarm clock with a backlight behind it - what looks like the cut off ends of red and black wires are visible just behind the silver tab. Is the lower part of the portion above the microphone just a piece of...
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    Black Series Boba Fett Helmet Announced

    For those who have removed the hard hat harness, does it just pop out from the swivel points? Or was disassembly necessary?
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    ROTJ - Rebel Limpet Mine (Used in Endor Bunker)

    Thanks, that makes sense why the direction of the louvers on the prop changed given the same bracket orientation. Is that plate with the round hole a separate piece, and is it removable? The opening behind the louvers in the detonator photo seems larger than that round opening, but it's hard to...

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