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    My 3 year old's Tamatoa costume from Moana

    Thanks, they'e heat formed EVA foam.
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    My 3 year old's Tamatoa costume from Moana

    Had to knock out a durable shiny crab for my daughter to go to a few Halloween parties and trick or treating this week. Mostly EVA and a ton of hot glued beads.
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    DX-34 Heavy Disintegrator Pistol: Boba Debt custom DL-44 contest entry

    This blaster is kind of a weird mash-up of a DL-44 and Buck Roger's XZ-38 Disintegrator. When I was designing the Sci-fi gallery at MoPop (EMP) a couple years ago we had the two side by side in the weapons case. The DL-44 totally looked like the spiritual successor to the ray gun, so I tried...
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    Interest Custom DL-44 Blaster Building Contest

    I'm going to push to get this done on time!
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    Interest Custom DL-44 Blaster Building Contest

    I would like to get in on this, it sounds like a lot of fun.
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    1:200 scale Klingon Battle Cruiser

    Nice, I always like to see more Klingon ships!
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    Limited Run DL44 ANH Version Blaster Kit

    I keep missing these runs, and I'd really like to be in on the March run please.
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    USS Luna - Loknar Class Frigate

    Awesome! Just the right level of paint detail.
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    My daughter's X-wing pilot costume for May 4th

    We went to a Star Wars themed charity run for the 4th and had very little time to knock together a quick costume for my toddler. It's not very accurate and it's now covered in biscuit crumbs but she seemed to like it.
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    The Betty (Alien Resurection) 1:30 Scale Build

    Awesome, love this ship. Impressively fast build too.
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    Howl's Moving Castle, 1:100 scale Scratch build

    Such a cool idea for a build. Models like this are why I keep checking back on this forum.
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    Sore lungs... Quick question!

    That looks like a legit respirator, and it sounds like you are using it right. About two years ago I developed a hyper-sensetivity to cyanoacrylate glues, my sinuses, throat, and sometimes lungs would hurt like hell for days after using it, sometimes even with a respirator on. I've heard of it...