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    MIB Men in Black Pulsar project

    Green with jealousy!
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    1/12 R5-K6: Red Leader's Astromech… A Bandai Custom (WIP)

    Ferrari red, eh? Maybe add some sponsorship stickers too! Looks great! especially for so small.
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    HELP! Tool Advice?

    I'd probably go with a razor saw, but get used to the idea of sanding. Sanding is a BIG part of this hobby.
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    Droideka / Destroyer Droid 1/12 scratch build

    Great job! ...add one more to the list of future builds....
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    Shuttle Tydirium donor kits

    Most of those look the same color grey, so hopefully from the same kit?
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    Fixing warped resin - need suggestions

    Hot water is a safer way to go. I've burnt and bubbled parts with a heat gun, especially if they are thick or have varying thickness. The hot water provides a safer way for the heat to soak through the piece without overheating the surface. Not to say that a heat gun won't work - just that if...
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    Space 1999 Comlock, can you here me now????

    These are amazing pieces! You should be very proud of what you've achieved!
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    ED-209 1/12 Scratch Build WIP

    Wow! The mesh on ED's head looks great! And the radiator in the back of his mouth looks amazing!
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    Noob member!

    Your tank weathering skills work well on the sci fi models too. Great work. Those stubby tanks are great!
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    Toy Story - Woody / Jessie / Stinky Pete / Forky

    Very clean work! I especially like what you did with Jessie.
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    Staff of Ra Head Piece

    The Lucasfilm one looks to have some nasty bubbles in the menorah. Gotta be a resin casting.
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    Builds By Baz - 3 Foot Colonial Viper Mk II

    You don't take the easy route, do you?
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    Jabba's Spider concept model

    Very cool! What kind of metal are you casting the armature in?
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    Studio Scale Enterprise-C 1:500 WIP

    I'd love to see video of the CNC hot wire in action. That's a toy I have not played with yet.