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    Not exactly a prop... or a costume! Captain America USO

    So... this isn't exactly a prop or a costume but a way to display them (I don't think there's a thread for that??). Anyway, I'd always wanted a Captain America USO costume and I actually search the forum for one but never found one. So I finally ended up making my own but then I needed a way to...
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    Cheap (dumb) Captain America Shield

    So, if you've see any of my other posts, you know I'm... cheap. :facepalm I don't nearly have the skills that most of the people on forum do but I do have random ideas like... taking a cheap Halloween Captain America shield and making it into a cool shield. If you reading this, don't ever do...
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    Gears of War 3 Digger

    I have no idea if this husband/wife team are on the RPF boards but I came across this replica prop on my Instructibles e-mail blast and just had to share it. Amazing end product and amazing step by step: Gears of War 3 - Hyper Realistic Digger Launcher Replica
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    cylon specification sheet

    at the very beginning of the battlestar galactica mini series, the guy looks at a piece of paper with "cylon specifications" across the top and an illustration of an old-school 70's cylon. then the hot cylon walks in and blow up the joint. has anyone recreated that sheet?
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    Thor Muolnir Bootleg Hammer

    And here's the final hammer!! It turned out great. Not accurate to anything in comics or movies, but I still like it.
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    Singer/Desato Battlestar Galactica

    Has anyone attempted to do the Bryan Singer/Desato Battlestar Galactica Viper helmet from Global Effects: Tombs of Kobol - DeSanto/Singer Project - Global Effects, Inc. or is that uncool to replicate a non-produced prop? I just really dig it and do not have the skills to pull it off
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    Thor Muolnir Bootleg Hammer

    I think I've got the photos figured out. so... original hand sledge hammer with reibar wooden form for bondo first pour of bondo into frame hammer
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    Thor Muolnir Bootleg Hammer

    Having photo issues. I'll try again later.
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    Thor Muolnir Bootleg Hammer

    If you ever seen any of my other post, you know I'm not the best, most accurate prop builder but I do get inspired. So this Thanksgiving I saw a 4 lb hand sledge hammer and decided I needed a Mjölnir hammer. You'll see in the photos the original 4lb hammer with steel (ree) bars wrapped around...
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    The Turbocycle from Galactica 1980 (that's right, GALACTICA 1980!)

    great work. must make you feel like the original designers as they worked off the dirt bike... just smaller.
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    Star Wars blu ray in September

    I would love to see some animated Clone Wars influences from the beard of GL. All the clone troopers are digital so why can't we have Rex make a background appearance in the big battle in episode II? And I was listening to the Force Cast podcast and Ashley Eckstein made a vague reference to...
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    Captain America Movie Propaganda Poster

    I've always been a fan of Captain America and 1940s era art. So when I saw the new Captain America movie, I saw a million things that I wanted (like that kicking recruitment mirror that Steve Rogers is too short for!). I ordered "The Art of Captain American," which I highly recommend, and inside...
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    EFX TOS Battlestar Viper Pilot Helmet

    anyone heard of a release date yet?
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    Tutorial: How to build a stormtrooper helmet for less than 10 GBP FINISHED see Pg9

    Re: Tutorial: How to build a stormtrooper helmet for less than 10 GBP Update!! I am absolutely gobsmacked at your ingenuity and creativity! carry on, mate!
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    Star Wars Battle Droid - Sort of...

    There's an old saying in the movie industry that a film is never done, it's released. Which basically means, most directors could keep tweaking a movie and never finish the film (just look at George Lucas!). Well, I could keep tweaking on this battle droid but I think I'm done. When last we left...

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