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    Someone with an MR Predator II spear...

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    Someone with an MR Predator II spear...

    Could you post a picture of it with something familiar next to it, like a soda can? I need an idea of the size of one of these.
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    New Hasbro Kenner "Vintage" Star Wars figures

    I've heard mixed results on trying to remove the sticker. My wife uses Goo Gone to remove price stickers from things she intends to resell on Amazon. But I have no idea what it does to the cardboard underneath.
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    Are fake Gentle Giant Jumbo (vintage) Darth Vader from China known to exist?

    It could be a legit product as some samples are either ditched because they don't meet quality control standards or there were extras that "walked away" from the factory. I've seen this happen tons of times, especially with toys.
  5. dropshipbob = Chaucer44 (banned recaster)

    Funky hit the nail on the head!
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    Toys Of Our Youth

    My big brother had the Big Jim van/rig along with a ton of accessories....he wouldn't let me anywhere near it. :(
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    Thoughts on a custom Blade Runner pistol

    I think that looks great! I never did get around to modding mine. :(
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    Looking for materials help making faux wet specimens

    I don't know that I would recommend anything outside of water, can you imagine what a mess that would be created if one of them broke and it had something like the above in it? Waters bad enough! I too would suggest what Brundlefly suggested and that's exactly what I did on my facehugger, it...
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    What is the strangest or most obscure prop you have made?

    I wish I could post pictures of it, but I don't know where they are presently. I made a post about it here, but the images are all gone.
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    What is the strangest or most obscure prop you have made?

    I'm not sure if this counts. I once made a block of Carbonite with Lukes severed hand and light saber in it. Like someone found it and did so to preserve it.
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    Pathetic Man-Child Destroys 2,387 Vintage Star Wars Figures

    "An illegal amount of acetone" Is there such a thing?
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    Want to Buy Predator 2 spear and dart kit

    Does such a thing exist? I hope so. I'm looking for a kit of these two pieces. If anyone has one, or knows where to find one, please let me know!
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    Legends of the Fall - Tristan's Knife

    Still looking good!
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    Blade Runner 2049 (Post-release)

    I have a few questions that I hope weren't already asked. Right before we see K looking through DNA records, we see a guy outside in the hall and it looks like he's washing blood off the wall. Was there a scene cut at this point? Towards the end when K is walking along and elevated walkway...
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    Yet another Krylon paint question

    Ahhh, I see. Well, my main problem was the paint being tacky, which is why I wanted to remove it. But the tackiness is gone, so problem solved. :)