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  1. dreamofdahlia

    Epic Sauron Costume

    We actually have a custom duct tape "mannequin" we made in the process of making the armor! I figure he can display it on there. Just trying to come up with a way to attach the arms and legs that doesn't require pins.
  2. dreamofdahlia

    Witch King of Angmar

    I would also be interested in seeing those templates if they are still around somewhere. My email is
  3. dreamofdahlia

    Epic Sauron Costume

    Thank you! Fortunately for this one, I can adjust the straps and make it a little bigger for a little bit of time. Memories will last forever though ;)
  4. dreamofdahlia

    Anyone working on the Witch King of Angmar from Lord of the Rings?

    My son wants to be the Witch King for our Halloween Project next year. It may seem early to start, but I figure it's going to take a lot to top this year's! Has anyone attempted an LED lighted sword to look like it's on fire? I'm thinking of using clear acrylic to build it and somehow use...
  5. dreamofdahlia

    Epic Sauron Costume

    I'm a photographer as my day job (which explains the number of pictures, I'm sure...). This costume was made with EVA floor tiles and craft foam. The mace started out as a nerf mace that I added to. If anyone is interested the Instructable is here...
  6. dreamofdahlia

    Epic Sauron Costume

    Here's some details of the project. The whole costume was layered foam and textured with a dremel.
  7. dreamofdahlia

    Epic Sauron Costume

    Really well. We had 5 people ask to take his picture while trick-or-treating and several comments that he had the best costume of the night. I was satisfied with that. Then I posted it on Instructables to enter their contest. It was chosen for their homepage as a featured costume and I was...
  8. dreamofdahlia

    Epic Sauron Costume

    Hi Everyone! My name is Jen. I'm new here and just trying to figure out how all this works. This is our Halloween Project 2016 (kind of a big deal around here). My 10 year old son came to me this year wanting to be the Dark Lord Sauron. After asking for the last 4 years I finally decided we...
  9. Sauron reaching out

    Sauron reaching out

  10. The One Ring glow detail

    The One Ring glow detail

  11. Helm


  12. Ring of Power

    Ring of Power

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