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  1. Dr Jones Sr

    Galaxys Edge

    Batuu was teeming with characters every time I've visited, but not Luke, Han, and Leia. There are stormtroopers and Rey and Chewy. Darth Vader does make an appearance but last time I checked his standard meet-and-greet location was Tomorrowland. So you've circled your waggons around the OT and...
  2. Dr Jones Sr

    Delayed and Cancelled conventions

    Makes total sense for the Anaheim venue, but I would think they could do Celebration in New York or something so there wouldn't be a regional conflict. About other Cons, I just got an email yesterday saying that the Ontario (California) Comic Con, which had already been postponed to a later...
  3. Dr Jones Sr

    Delayed and Cancelled conventions

    You're right! OMG. I hadn't even noticed that they had jumped over 2021. I corrected my post above, thanks for pointing that out. The good news (for me) is that it's still in Anaheim. Going to let the tickets roll over, if that's an option.
  4. Dr Jones Sr

    I notice no one is talking about Celebration 2020.

    Agreed I'll roll over as well. Considering I work at Disneyland and I can walk to the Convention Center, how can I not go? For no reason, a picture of me at work.
  5. Dr Jones Sr

    Delayed and Cancelled conventions

    Got an email yesterday from Star Wars Celebration (Anaheim California 27-30 August 2020) saying it has been cancelled. As with LA Anime Expo, ticketholders have the option to roll over their tickets to the 2022 event.
  6. Dr Jones Sr

    Clint Eastwood - Man with No Name/Blondie

    The OP certainly has the look! And the squint! I'm not familiar with the details of the original costumes, but my only thing is that the leatherwork people are posting looks very new and pristine to me. I had to make a belt and modify a holster for a costume, I really got into the thing of...
  7. Dr Jones Sr

    Delayed and Cancelled conventions

    A couple days ago I got an email from LA Comic Con saying that they had the opportunity to use the venue over Halloween weekend (Oct 30-Nov 1) and asking people to vote in a poll saying do we prefer that weekend or the original weekend (Sept 25-27). Interesting! BTW I bet when you say...
  8. Dr Jones Sr

    guess the character

    Ah, no, his helmet has a spike an contrasting puggarree, and his jacket has lapels. (He is a really cool character!)
  9. Dr Jones Sr

    guess the character

    I thought we could play a little game of showing a photo of a portion of one of your cosplay costumes and people guess the character. I'll start...
  10. Dr Jones Sr

    Delayed and Cancelled conventions

    Star Wars Celebration's site says they haven't yet decided. (August 27-30) Los Angeles Comic Con's site says nothing about being delayed or cancelled, yet I can't find an option to purchase tickets. (September 25-27) Ontario (California) Comic Con was rescheduled from May 16 & 17 to August 8...
  11. Dr Jones Sr


    Which photo gets me wondering if you have ever done, or are considering, the tie that Dr Jones Senior wears Navy blue with a pattern of brown quatrefoils. Five years of searching and I've not found any tie, bow tie or long tie, in a fabric that's anywhere close.
  12. Dr Jones Sr

    Game of Thrones dagger frogs

    As we know a large number of Game Of Thrones characters carry daggers/knives/dirks and as I was looking through the GOT The Costumes book, where for the first time I was able to see them close up, I saw that they all seem to have the same construction. Under the belt loop there are four rivets...
  13. Dr Jones Sr

    Delayed and Cancelled conventions

    LA Anime Expo cancelled. No word yet about refunds. WonderCon was cancelled, got refund quickly. Do we know yet about LA Comic Con? When I checked their site it didn't look like they had tickets for sale. My main worry is Star Wars Celebration. Never been, got my tickets, really looking...
  14. Dr Jones Sr

    What’s Everyone Working on During C19 Quarantine?

    Very impressive everyone! My backburner California Lockdown project is my Ser Barristan Selmy costume. Finished the sword the other day. It's my first attempt at working with foam. Very happy with how it turned out. I work at Disneyland. Now there's talk of us not reopening until 2021...
  15. Dr Jones Sr

    What's on your workbench?

    I'm in awe of you guys! As I said my propbuilding is simplistic and, frankly, lazy. Add to that I'm a cosplayer, and my priority is having a prop that's durable, lightweight, and will pass though Security Weapons Check. For my Exile Ser Barristan Selmy cosplay I needed a sword prop. My first...

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