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    I'm back in production! Predator Blades pics to be up soon! :D

    I'm back in production! Predator Blades pics to be up soon! :D
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    Paint Suggestions?

    Thanks so much :)
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    My first predator costume (Pic Heavy)

    Sounds good thanks, and yes flaking is a prob. I got taught on my BMQ how to sew :p "In the Navy.." lol. But for all those interested, I may be doing armor seen in the avp and predator omnibus' (recently started to collect them from amazon). And this year's costume design will be Joey Jordison...
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    My first predator costume (Pic Heavy)

    So I haven't updated lately because school has caught on to me and haven't had time to work on the suit. And the second thing that I am going to share is a bit of sad news. I have to restart my dreads atm bc they are too far back from the helmet and theres a few inches of space between them and...
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    Paint Suggestions?

    For armor I'd be painting the foam sheets I keep seeing on the forum that turn out really great. The metal on the wrist guards would be foam as well but the blades are hopefully going to be plastic cut from bins. That's about all I have planned out so far
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    Paint Suggestions?

    So before I go ahead and paint armor and wrist blades, I was wondering what type/company I should be looking at. ATM I mostly been using spray paint and found some sliver paints ( Haven't bought any yet just saw them). I was wondering which paints you guys suggest or anything along the lines of...
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    My first predator costume (Pic Heavy)

    So here's my 3rd update! I have all 40 dread locks done and sewn in: All hand sewn (I need to find a more efficient way of doing this :D) Here's the mask with the dreads, tho part of it was broken due to my brother's friend, only reason why its not on atm) And then here it is with the...
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    al BInO

    I've seen albino preds on this site b4, I'm thinking of making a set myself, I used the search tool and found them tht way.
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    Modifying a Rubies Mask

    Hey that magnet idea is a great one! I've been trying to figure out some way of keeping my bio on but this might be the solution thanks :thumbsup:
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    My first predator costume (Pic Heavy)

    Quick update: Now that I'm home, I've made 19 new dread locks, painted today and I'm guna start putting them on soon :thumbsup:
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    I used backer rod but i put them on a different way. I sewed a toque on to a baseball cap which had its rim cut off. Then I sewed the backer rod dreads onto the pallelet area of the hat for stability. It has some 'swish' to it. Hope this helps you out.
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    My first predator costume (Pic Heavy)

    I ended up using Backer Rod and then spray painted it, the only problem is that the paint flakes off every now and then. I ended up sewing the backer rod to the custom hat (Sewed it to the front of the base ball cap for support). I have been looking around the site and I'm amazed at most of...
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    My first predator costume (Pic Heavy)

    So Ive been trying to come up with ideas for the whole suit and i think this is what im guna go with. The pencil is what i plan on doing, the blue pen is optional stuff tht i may decide to do along the way or at a later date. Hope u enjoy, more updates to come ;)
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    Mr Giggles-- PAINT DONE! post #148

    omg thts awesome!
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    AVP2 game MP agian?

    Crap thanks for tht, AvP1 i thot i had the right one in mind lol