Hey Im Doombasher15, Real name Kelvin<br />
I've liked Predators since I was about 12 and Im pretty big fan of the series.<br />
Im into; music tht has insturments and techno (not rap or hip-hop), tae kwon doe (10yrs running), parkour (just started this and hopefully I get better), drawing, hanging out with my friends, and im a gamer <br />
I have 3 jobs (might change bc of university tho)<br />
I have quite a large family of all males (5:1 ratio)<br />
I am Canadian<br />
<br />
Im currently working on a human hunter suit (pics to be up soon) and I'd love to get into the stuff ive seen on this site (molding, scuplting, mask making, etc). Along with the suit, I may be thinking of writing a story or a script for a mini series/short fan film.<br />
<br />
If you need anything or just wanna talk just drop me a msg

ALL genres of movies;<br />Music, I listen to everything but Rap and Hip Hop;<br />Parkour;<br />Drawing, Painting, Art in General;<br />Paintballing;<br />Tae Kwon Doe;<br />Philosophy;<br />Filming and Editing;<br />Costumes and Halloween;<br />Predators;<br />Hanging out with Friends
Mar 15, 1993 (Age: 27)


"This body was made from death, all it knows is dying" (The Master, Doctor Who)