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  1. Doh2

    Anyone know how to make a reasonably accurate, budget friendly palpatine costume?

    Rubie's makes an affordable cane -- but it's short by at least 6 inches (or more, depending on your height). It might be a good base to work from, though. Good luck...
  2. Doh2

    Could anyone identify these glasses?

    I don't know the exact model of those, but the generic term is "horn rimmed glasses"...
  3. Doh2

    V for Vendetta Mask

    Have you tried Etsy? There are quite a few for sale there: I can't attest to quality, however.
  4. Doh2

    Don Post Bucket (Late 70's?)

    I say restore it. The originals aren't all that rare so it's not like you're destroying a great piece of history. Granted, Antiques Roadshow might disagree...
  5. Doh2

    ALIEN 1979 bust sculpture

  6. Doh2

    Bad Boba Fett

    Brothervader, that is most impressive! Especially considering it predates Google images.
  7. Doh2

    Bad Boba Fett

    I see your Boba Fett and raise you one Darth Vader (me 1978):
  8. Doh2

    best Star Trek Original Series shirt for less than seventy-five bucks?

    Too bad they didn't make the collars more accurate, but looks good! For mine, I added a couple of stitches on the points of the emblem to hold it in place.
  9. Doh2

    Looking for advice on Captain America suits

    If you want to do a budget shield, many years ago a buddy of mine made one from a round, children's sled. Here's a metal one that's already in red. Could use it for a base...
  10. Doh2

    Tweaked Man Of Steel suit.

    I've always liked that negative version of the shield for the back of the cape since I first saw it in the comics... decades ago. Good luck on this!
  11. Doh2

    Any help with a silicone mask question?

    I had this exact same problem with my Freddy mask 10 years ago. I used a hex punch and a hammer to poke the holes, then cleaned them up with small scissors. No need to reinforce the holes (at least not on mine). Granted, I don't wear the mask much at all, but the holes haven't ripped... yet...
  12. Doh2

    Black Series Boba Fett Helmet Announced

    Geez, I almost bought one of those Posts back in the day! I still have their first Vader, though. Totally worth it.
  13. Doh2

    Anti-COVID Darth Vader Mask

    Very clever!
  14. Doh2

    Brett's cap from Alien...

    Whatever their flaws, it's great that Brett caps are still being made.
  15. Doh2

    Black Series Boba Fett Helmet Announced

    Finally attached the rangefinder today, and had a heck of a time doing it! Too bad it isn't metal. That would really put this bucket over the top.

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