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  1. dog of ulthar

    Do You Want To See A Bunch Of Star Wars Cosplayers Dance To "Genghis Kahn"?Yes You Do

    A ridiculous number of cosplayers, a ridiculous amount of time, and way too much unused footage of me screaming at sand went into this, and I wanted to share. You can watch the video here, and if you need some convincing I'll throw in some behind-the-scenes shots for free. Kylo Ren -...
  2. dog of ulthar

    Let's see how fast can I make Bucky Cap!

    The fiddling worked, fits much better now! I promise I'll have better quality pictures eventually. As soon as somebody else is holding the camera.
  3. dog of ulthar

    Let's see how fast can I make Bucky Cap!

    It's wearable! Took me way too long because I ended up undoing and re-doing things a few times, and seam ripping spandex is awful. My original zipper configuration didn't work at all, so now it just has one invisible zipper up the back - which I only didn't do in the first place because I...
  4. dog of ulthar

    Let's see how fast can I make Bucky Cap!

    PROBABLY FASTER IF I DIDN'T FEEL THE NEED TO BLOG ABOUT IT, BUT WHAT THE HELL Anyway, I've been planning to make a costume for Civil War for months, but somehow I lost track of the date and got distracted making a Ren faire costume, so I ended up not starting sewing until...yesterday. But I...
  5. dog of ulthar

    Black Panther Civil War Inspired Costumes

    Re: Iracel's Black Panther WOW and I thought this looked good before the helmet, holy hell. The transition between the motorcycle mask and the spandex is so seamless, it's amazing.
  6. dog of ulthar

    Resistance "Finn" Jacket

    This looks amazing. Any advice on patterning something like this? Both in terms of this jacket specifically and custom leather/vinyl jackets in general? I've been trying to find basic jacket patterns to alter, but they're really hard to find. While I could probably come up with something if...
  7. dog of ulthar

    Age of Ultron Captain America Build (Build complete! pics on page 5)

    Re: Age of Ultron Captain America Build (newbie's first Cap suit) Damn, this is looking amazing. The headliner foam padding was a really good idea.
  8. dog of ulthar

    Lady Thor. First body armour build.

    Cape looks really nice so far! I remember pouring over any pictures I could find after the first Thor movie came out, looking at all the capes and just thinking ""
  9. dog of ulthar

    Peggy Carter as Captain America build

    I love the design and it looks like the pattern's coming along well. The buckle even looks really good, even if it started of a bit shaky. The colors, too! I like the color scheme you've picked. I'm looking forward to seeing this come together.
  10. dog of ulthar

    Assassin's Creed Revelations Ezio WIP (Lots'a pics)

    Everything is looking really good, and I appreciate the detailed walkthrough for the armor. I'm glad nobody managed to stab you at dinner. Really nice job on the embroidery. I've done both extensive satin-stitching and hand embroidery before and both take incredible patience.
  11. dog of ulthar

    Mad Max: Fury Road - Valkyrie and Max build

    VALKYRIE YES I'm so excited. I haven't seen enough Vuvalini costumes. Everything looks amazing so far.
  12. dog of ulthar

    Deadpool Movie costume build (leather)

    Damn, this looks nice. Any advice you'd give to someone considering making a part-leather costume in a similar style who hasn't done much with leather before? Hypothetically. Also, I'd really like to know how you did the raised armor details. Those came out really clean.
  13. dog of ulthar

    Cape Fabric Help

    If you want to use velvet, then...use velvet. Stay away from that costume velveteen stuff, though. It makes people who care about fabric cringe. But it looks like that cape is made of linen, which is cheaper and easier to work with. Also, it'd be easier to weather. If I had to make...
  14. dog of ulthar

    War Boys: Mad Max Fury Road

    Hey look I found a better reference pic just because people on tumblr were making dumb jokes:
  15. dog of ulthar

    Doof Warrior - Mad Max: Fury Road

    NICE. It's making me really happy to see the Mad Max costumes starting to happen.

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