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    GHOSTBUSTERS: Medrad Mark IV Angio Injector AKA orange device in Venkman's office

    Did anyone see Jason Reitman's post today? I just know that's gonna drive the prices up. I was so close to buying one of these last year. Just before I made purchase, I had to spend four times as much money on an emergency dental procedure. Sigh. Alex
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    my Ghostbusters props

    Here's a quick followup to this earlier video, with some neat info about the screen-used props. Alex
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    my Ghostbusters props

    This doesn't really fall into a 'prop' category, but some of you might find it interesting anyway... In the 1999 DVD audio commentary for Ghostbusters, Harold Ramis says, at approximately 24 minutes into the movie: "We were thinking about what would be the center of the disturbance...
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    my Ghostbusters props

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    my Ghostbusters props

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    my Ghostbusters props

    A new propbuilder messaged me on YouTube asking for a tutorial on how I made my KUD meter, so I threw this together primarily from old photos. Alex
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    Grindelwalds Hookah - Help needed

    I saw this over on the imdb's trivia page and thought of this thread. "Grindelwald's skull hookah is engraved with the words "für das größere wohl" (For the Greater Good") and the date 1898. The motto is related to his own philosophy: e.g. he is not trying to dominate muggles and wizards for...
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    my Ghostbusters props

    Two of the four items in this video are prop-related. One is a new set of rubdown transfers for the Ghost Trap, produced by the same Arron Mack who did the Omni cover. The second one is... well, it's a 3-dimensional replica of an item that only existed in 2-D, but I still think it counts...
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    my Ghostbusters props

    See if this link helps... it should show you some people's pages, but then the first post below that ought to be the new sale thread. mack omni&epa=SEARCH_BOX Fingers crossed. Alex
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    my Ghostbusters props

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    my Ghostbusters props

    I was looking up people's home movies of the Universal Studios Florida "Ghostbusters Spooktacular" attraction the last couple of days. I generally skew towards the 1990 version of the show, because that's the only one I saw in person in June of 1991. But I wandered into a video from 1994...
  12. Ghost Motel Frame Cap

    Ghost Motel Frame Cap

  13. Ghost Motel Ghosts Check In But

    Ghost Motel Ghosts Check In But

  14. Ghost Motel No Slime Residue

    Ghost Motel No Slime Residue

  15. Ghost Motel Skewed And Stretched

    Ghost Motel Skewed And Stretched