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    Bandai Blockade Runner Lighting Module

    NICE !!! when will these be ready, I'm in for one or two! and at what price point again? i'm for the whole kit.
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    Bandai Blockade Runner with Custom Lights

    perfect balance of light!not too dim, not too bright, but just RIGHT! well done! Very Interested! Take my money! at what price point are you thinking? I bought 4 of these. why?, well, because they are frickin cool! I have the JPG/bluemoon BR and the randy cooper one as well but still un-built...
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    Miniature Spacecraft in The Mandalorian Star Wars TV show

    This reminds me or reminiscent of the ship "Nell" I believe? used in "Battle Beyond the Stars" the one that Johnboy from the Waltons TV show flew.
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    Blue Moon Blockade Runner - Finished

    Nicely Done! detail is superb! been wanting one of these for awhile to add to my 1/350 medical frigate (WIP) almost had one from a seller here on the RPF but the conversion from Canadian to U.S. funds was too much for the kit. I still have Coopers Runner to build. am I to understand that JPG is...
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    Medical Frigate Redemption 1/350 scale

    Now that's what I'm talking about! DETAILS... NICE!
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    Medical Frigate Redemption 1/350 scale

    Yah Know, strange that you brought that up? I was just thinking the same thing a couple of days ago! we must be mentally connected some how,LOL I have watched, looked and dissected every piece of content out there regarding this dilemma wondering the same thing.can't pin point the exact location...
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    Medical Frigate Redemption 1/350 scale

    ahhh, the parts from hell!! I remember this. not as bad as you think! but when you get past this your free. the rest is - well all up to you on how much time you want to spend on making it right for you. for me, time comes at a premium! but I'm not in a rush. kokkari has been doing such a great...
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    OK so we had some snow...Where are the staged outdoor AT-AT photos?

    Yup, I woke up this morning to see my weather forecast for the day and the week as well. even the EMPIRE wouldn't go out in this! for your info I live in Edmonton the -38 part. to think I moved here from Maui, in Hawaii! what the HELL is wrong with me? i'll have to re-think my life... hope you...
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    Medical Frigate Redemption 1/350 scale

    P.S I forgot to mention that my front nose of my neb b top/bottom was warped as well, a good hit in hot water changed that along with a few other pieces as well.
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    Medical Frigate Redemption 1/350 scale

    well I must say that this kit (as insane detailed as it is) is not without a few bumps in the building process! the key to this build is to make sure, and I MEAN make sure that you sand down, test fit every piece! no matter what or where you think it goes. JPG has a guide to help you assemble...
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    W.I.P. resin kit from JPG Productions
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    W.I.P. resin kit from JPG Productions
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    W.I.P. resin kit from JPG Productions.