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Likes:<br />Horror-themed anything, Predator series, Alien series, AvP crossovers (mostly the games), LoTR, anything orc related, Watchmen, Philippino balisong collecting, watching old Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin' for life), and grilling meat. And eating things with bacon.<br /><br />Dislikes:<br />Negativity, being unemployed, procrastination, and failing art projects I start.<br /><br />I'm a twenty-one year old male who's Philippino/Chinese/Euro-American. I enlisted right out of high school at age seventeen and got medically discharged at nineteen for minor heart surgery. Now I'm in college for computer science. However, I plan on changing my major after I get my C++ certification this summer. I really wanna take theater. Rrrgh. I will decide what -really- I want to do soon 'cause I've wasted lots of time already.<br /><br />Starting a Predator suit. I'm constantly on this forum looking for ideas and help 'cause I'm really starting to see how challenging this costume construction really is.
Mar 29, 1990 (Age: 32)
Corona, California