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  1. Destroyer

    Narin Alternative Hunter Wip

    It looks really good. My only suggestion would be that you kind of smudge the edge of the colouring on the snail trail up his stomach so that it is not so uniform. It looks like you've painted a coloured stripe up his belly if that makes sense.
  2. Destroyer

    Bad Blood Sideshow Statue

    I disagree with celtic yautja, but I understand your reasoning. Here's my personal perspective. I didn't buy the Bad Blood kit as a collector's piece. In no way am I a high end collector. I bought that piece because I really liked the concept and pose from Narin. Do I feel shafted? No, not...
  3. Destroyer

    Narin Predator-Bad Blood , Complete

    No, it just took him a long time to start it. I haven't started mine yet.
  4. Destroyer

    Captive Predator from "Predators" and encounter 2

    Fantastic work as usual, Joe. :) You are going to need glasses soon painting all those dots...
  5. Destroyer

    Narin's Death Warrior WIP

    That paintup definitely speaks for itself. Looking forward to seeing it all finished.
  6. Destroyer

    Bad Blood!

    Looks fantastic Justin. There's a lot of detail in this kit and you've done a great job bringing it all out. I'm presently trying to paint mine white too, but it's not working out very well at the moment :unsure: I love the blue.... lighting.
  7. Destroyer

    Very "Bad Blood"

    Very nice indeed. The skin tones are very muted which you don't see often. I am currently debating how to paint my Bad Blood up and I'm finding it very frustrating because I change my mind every five minutes. I will be happy if mine turns out half as good as yours.
  8. Destroyer

    The Encounter

    Excellent as always Joe! Your work inspires all of us amateur painters to such great heights.
  9. Destroyer

    predator paints colors?

    I don't know if this will help you, but here was my tutorial for painting a Predator from the first movie. There might be something in this thread that will help you.
  10. Destroyer

    Where can I buy S. Hayes kits

    I'm the opposite. I much prefer a kit with a base. I love my Stranger kit...
  11. Destroyer

    Hayes P2 1/5

    Thanks everyone. I try to improve on each new Predator. Narin's Bad Blood kit is next.
  12. Destroyer

    Hayes P2 1/5

    Just for you Bensin.... More pictures of my P2 As is plainly apparent, I am no Joe Dunaway.
  13. Destroyer

    Hayes P2 1/5

    And it's all finished. Comes with two interchangeable heads...
  14. Destroyer

    Aqua Hunter

    It looks great. I like the armor work. EDIT: Realised there were pictures of his earlier kits on his Flickr page.
  15. Destroyer

    Hayes P2 1/5

    Thanks guys. Can someone tell me what colour a Predator 2's eyes are?

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