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    And now the winners of the "2009 $1. Store lightsaber contest."

    Re: Voting is here, for the 2009 $1. Store lightsaber contest. #5- It really captures the OT feal.
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    ROTS Vader Mask Interior-2

    I updated the list based on all the input. Thanks guys! Don, I can't possibly explain how cool it is for you to be here giving us info on this!!!! Thank you so much, Ben
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    Does anyone know what the Rubies Supreme Vader helmet is made of?

    I found that the yellow colored bondo adhears very well with sanding. The 2 part plastics will stick but not very well. I had to use the 2 part plastics for build up but had to use bondo for the edges and in some cases 2 part epoxy. Bondo glasing putty adhears very well with heavy sanding...
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    My Vader Reveal-Rubies Conversion

    Thanks again guys. I just always assumed that they didn't get too detailed on the inside of the mask because it wouldn't get much screen time. I really like the ROTS interior because it looks uncomfortable and has a purposefull feel to it. Onigiri- The hoses are probably the only thing on the...
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    My Vader Reveal-Rubies Conversion

    Got the tube on ebay...I think I paid $5:thumbsup
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    My Vader Reveal-Rubies Conversion

    Thanks for the kind words guys! JK1138-I hope you go for it. I can certainly offer some words of wisdom on the convert and probably some extra parts. If anyone else feels i have the correct dynodes this is the info that came with the tube when I bought it:
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    ROTS Vader Mask Interior-2

    I just recently got asked to re-insert the diagram pic for this discovery thread. I have also noticed a invigorated enthusiasm for the reveal. Therfore I decided it might be cleaner to restart the thread. Here is a link to the old thread and and the diagram...
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    My Vader Reveal-Rubies Conversion

    Here is my attempt at Vader reveal from a Rubies supreme. I am happy with the result, it certainly took me a long time. I had to perform major resculpt on the mask especially on the droopy cheek, nose bridge, mouth and redid the tubes. If I had any idea how to mold a mask i would have been...
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    Post your ANH Vader Displays!

    Yes Bubba that is in my house. Actually my Living room, a very forgiving wife
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    Post your ANH Vader Displays!

    Sorry it is not just Vader but all I could find right now. Hardly compares to Gino(which is fantastic BTW) But I enjoy it Thanks Wackychimp
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    Possible clue to a Vader OT Reveal part?

    I am not sure if anyone has gone down this road before but my searches didn't show anything. Better to be safe than sorry. Any thoughts? The part I am refering to: They are Vynal insulated bullit connectors for wires. Thanks Wackychimp
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    Vader mask exterior side tubes question

    On the ROTJ(reveal) , Is the lower tube larger than the (angled) upper tube? It appears to be so, but I am not sure. If the lower tube is 1/2 inch than the upper appears to be 3/8 or even a 1/4. Where it is throwing me is where the 2 tubes come together, the top one seems to be considerably...
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    ROTS Vader Mask Interior

    just trying to generate a renewed interest with a bump.
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    Studio Scale guys, Part identification help

    What the heck, a long weekend bump