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    star trek TOS helm construction help needed

    hey guys im in the process of building the TOS helm, my question is what lightweight material is a good alternative to MDF??
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    molding question

    hey guys im ordering those ice cube trays used to make the colored buttons on the Original star trek. i was wondering what do i need to appily anything in the trays to prevent the resin from sticking??
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    best paint for a resin saber????

    what are the best paints for a resin saber??
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    I obtained an EP3 obi stunt from the saber tech thats is kool.... pm sent bout the parts
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    Dallas, TX ComiCon, who's going?

    i live in southlake so im going.......... :D
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    My EP 3 saber stunts

    way kool i love the wooden one. I have a lathe and have done a few wooden ones which im hoping to cast in aluminum nice job...
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    Luke ANH Stunt Saber

    i was told all the sides were covered in scotchlite
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    resin saber question

    its a one piece split mold like the ones they used. it stands up so that the emitter is on top
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    resin saber question

    how should i go about securing the tube while the resin is being poured in? <div class='quotetop'>(LogansRunner @ Sep 2 2006, 06:12 PM) 1311978</div>
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    resin saber question

    hey guys im making resin lightsabers which have a metal tube inside to insert the blade and reinforce the resin my question is this how should i insert the tube? Should i insert it while the resin is drying or should i secure the tube in the center of the mold and then pour the resin in?
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    dooku saber question

    ya i meant the throw down props im guessing the fighting stunts were cast metal since machining them would be expensive but hey i wouldnt be suprised though..........
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    dooku saber question

    were they resin in ep 3?
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    dooku saber question

    this has been bugging me ever since i saw this prop :unsure on the dooku stunt sabers how did they get the 3/8 steel rod into the saber considering that the saber was curved any one know???
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    Bridge crew photo of USS Ericon

    nice pic the bridge there is the same size as the one in the show, they just made it look bigger with the camera lenses :D <div class='quotetop'>(kevinericon @ Aug 27 2006, 05:38 PM) 1308116</div>
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    urethane rubber question..........

    so i guess i should stick with silicone???