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    I may be interested in the display and a copy. How wide and deep is the display (just thinking of where I put them)
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    Interest Done!!

    I did not either. I sent Reel a note. They would be coming from him, not Rocket.
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    Limited Run Aquaman Trident Map Bottle

    I would be in
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    Interest Guardians of the Galaxy Orb...In Metal

    Thanks B. I guess I should have checked the progress of the k blaster run (sorry).
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    Interest Guardians of the Galaxy Orb...In Metal

    Any update on this? Looks pretty cool.
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    I’m looking for a good allspark cube. Anyone have one they want to part with? I’ve seen a couple here or the LE version. I’m open. Let me know Thanks!
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    Interest THE DARK CRYSTAL - "The Crystal Shard" - Made from real Crystal Glass!!!

    The box was a nice touch. Thank you again. Great job and great prop.
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    Interest Done!!

    Payment sent for finishing.
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    Interest Done!!

    Stand payment sent. Just need finishing cost and where to pay. Thanks!
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    Interest Done!!

    Payment sent. Let me know about finishing cost and helmet stand. I need both.
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    Interest Guardians of the Galaxy Orb...In Metal

    I would be interested
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    Limited Run Star Wars - Republic Credits * 2nd Run Open! New colors available! *

    Payment set for one blue and one yellow set.
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    Interest Done!!

    I’m in for the neck and finishing as well.
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    Dark Knight Batarang - Clean up and Display

    That makes it easy! I’ll just remove some of the stencil marks and they are done!