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    Lucifer NOT Cancelled YAY!!!

    Re: Lucifer Cancelled dammit dammit dammit!
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    THIS Kicked me right in the Star Wars balls!!

    Back in my day, cokes were a nickel & getting kicked in the star wars balls had a negative connotation.
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    Bandai release schedule

    USA Gundam has the “Solo” preorder for a pretty good deal. Also noticed the B-Wing and DS w/SD.
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    "Jump Scares" - OK, I'm old...

    It is the horror easy button. I think they are only appropriate in horror-comedies like Final Destination, Scream, etc.
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    "Great" films that wear out...

    Mad Max Fury Road, although TBH it only took one viewing. Point A to B to A. I loved this line in the credits.. “Any plot similarity to the flightpath of an actual boomerang, living or dead, is purely coincidental.”
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    Planet of the Apes 50th anniversary

    I’m on your side but.. cough-cough (The Twilight Zone 1959-1964) cough.
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    SyFy's Krypton (TV Series)

    It’s like watching the world’s slowest idea conveyor belt. It actually makes commercials seem fascinating. Killing my dvr sub.
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    Planet of the Apes 50th anniversary

    Y’all are now PotA-woke. Is it wrong for me to want Soylent Green to be a PotA prequel?
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    Scratch Built Space Pirate Ship Maquette

    Love it. It has a Beatles Yellow Submarine meets Futurama feel. Nice work.
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    Bill Hader's Barry

    Was hesitant prior, but I wanted to support Hader and also see how a hitman taking acting classes storyline worked. It is a fun show.
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    Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs (Post-release)

    Gorgeous film. Similar to Coraline in hyper detail, l’d say Coraline’s parent-theme was somewhat more identifiable. Dogs’ facial expression technique was an expressive evolutionary leap in the industry.
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    Reusable stirring sticks?

    Glass chemistry stir rods?
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    "Ghosted" shout-out to Blade Runner?

    And the Ennis house was used for Firefly promo pics.
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    STAR WARS Rebels new animated series!

    I am seeing two episodes for 2/19.