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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Post-release)

    Starkiller base was a bit contrived, but isn't super weapons kinda the empires thing? And isn't this kinda the throwback empire? If it took thirty years to make a Death Star and what? Five to make the second one? Thirty years is plenty of time to produce another mega weapon, especially if your...
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    2014 Edition of the "What Did You Get for Christmas?"

    Man of my own heart- Spyderco makes some amazing cutlery. My wife added a tactical pen to my EDC which has been working out quite nicely!
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    D.C.'s Gotham tv series

    I thought it was terrible. So much exposition, zero emotion, an extensive network of arbitrary character ties, all in service of a character that isn't even in the show truly. Why Bullock? Why not Flass? Why make us comfortable with his partner when we should feel completely put off by him? Why...
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    Is Sting too big? (Or the viewpoint of a props owner)

    "More of a letter opener really" -Dwalin I agree all of them are woefully oversized.
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    is this guy from the rpf the claws he made for wolverine a pretty cool

    Those are some AWESOME claws!!! How do they work???
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    Who is Batman to you? (discussion of the Dark Knight of the past nearly century)

    As a kid Batman was Adam West; clever, cunning, and resourceful. I feel like modern batman doesn't have much of those qualities, however when it's well written its incorporated. I like dark batman but the vision of him has to be right. TDKR was an abomination for me because he chooses to not be...
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    Inside Guillermo del Toro's home office

    GDT is awesome. He used to post on the Hellboy boards when the movie was coming out. Very very nice guy
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    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Anne Hathaway was a terrible catwoman, but then it was a terrible movie where her character felt completely juxtaposed
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    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    This basically is the equivalent to your mom walking in on you during private time
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    New Star Wars Figures - The Black Series

    I want a Vader and a Stormtrooper
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    Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The

    Would someone mind linking me to the Adam Savage Middle Earth Map? I need a new wallpaper and I'm geeking out on middle earth again. Adam's is my favorite version- it's got just the right look to it with enough aging, enough detail, and a great deal of clarity. If someone could link me to it I...
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    Blade Runner - I don't get it, why is it good?

    Dune is the same way for me too. I get the premise, I understand what's going on... But it's just so BORING. There's good story in there but the presentation is so dull that it kills it.
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    The Dark Knight Rises (Post-release)

    I was pretty let down by it. I feel like everything cool was shown in the trailer, Batman was barely in it, and the bomb thing was cringe-worthy. The whole thing felt like an inferior version of spider-man 2. It really felt more like the Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie. They should have killed Bruce...
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    any one here play crysis 2

    I don't actively play it but I have played it. The last shotgun you get in that game is so satisfying.
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    Super Mario Brothers 1985

    First game I ever beat

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