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    Darth Vader ANH Chestbox

    Yep...that's me on the eBay! Thanks Rob! And special thanks to Cantina_Dude for the technicals! Super hard to get the exact angles on the coin slots, but it has been achieved!
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    Darth Vader ANH Chestbox

    I know plenty of people who make repros, but getting that green just right is important which is why I'm looking for the originals. ;) Thanks though!
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    Darth Vader ANH Chestbox

    I've been working on this one for a couple weeks trying to get things as perfect as they can, and I'd really love to find the original push-button lens covers in green and red but can't find the source anywhere (I had it once, but it's no longer in my bookmarks). Anyways...all the parts I made...
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    Honeywell Micro Switch

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    Honeywell Micro Switch

    Does anyone know where to find these anymore or does anyone have any? I'm looking for the green 2A68 part.
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    EVA Foam Armour Help?

    There are so many YouTube videos on this and so many other resources that can be found online by using a simple search engine, but yes, creating templates can be a good place to start. Make sure your blade is always razor sharp!
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    My Gaffi Stick with foam ends

    So I decided to try my hand at making a Gaffi Stick for the Tusken Raider costume I’m working on. I was planning on using PVC pipe for the main shaft/stick part of it, but was scratching my head a little on the pineapple part of it. There are only a couple of options out there for them, and the...
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    Lucasfilm / Disney changes to Costuming Fan Appearances

    VERY good news indeed, 409!!! :thumbsup ~SL1020
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    Chewbacca Build (WIP-lot's of pics)

    Great work so far, Jon! You're the perfect height and build for Chewie—can't wait to troop with you when you've finished with this!
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    Limited Run Assassin's Creed III Tomahawk

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    With these high shipping charges, why not just buy yourself an airplane ticket to the states and offer to pick it up directly from eFX? At least then stay for a bit on holiday and see the sights. LOL!
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    Spawn comic costume WIP

    Next time, try putting the duct tape on the inside of the box will help solve this problem. ;) For the spikes, you could try using foam cylinders and carving them. You're doing great so far!
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    completed rotj jedi luke

    Great job on this! I'd replace the vinyl boots with a nice leather boot. A few times wearing those, and eventually the vinyl will start to crack and fall off.
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    Yes, when will the helmets ship???
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    Lone Wolf scout trooper helmet build

    Great work, Wolf!!! :thumbsup