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    Tron Legacy Costume

    STOP SHOWING ME THESE THIIIIIIIINGS!!!!!!! My bank account can't take it.:lol
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    Tron Legacy Costume

    I wanted to do that, but my ambitions were way beyond my abilities, this year I'm doing the costume out of a plain black leather form fitting motorcycle suit with the light tape layed over it. Next year, I plan on making the torso piece out of microcel foam rubber sheeting, cut into a pattern...
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    Tron Legacy Deluxe Identity Disc mods?

    cannibal869 11.1 volts will light up 12 volt led strips? The strips don't mind the missing .9 volts? You didn't have to do any crazy geeky electronic modifications to make it work? Because if so, I am going to copy your idea for using the rechargeable batteries.
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    Tron Legacy Costume

    For those of you going the el-tape route. I just learned the hard way, E-luminates el tape suuuuucks. Ordered a pile of el tape from them, got it today, and I can describe the tape in one word, DIM, the opposite of BRIGHT, even cheapie glowhut el tape on the same inverter, same power source is...
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    Tron Legacy Costume

    Ah, young and passionate vs older and wiser. We shall see who wins in the end. :lol :)
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    Tron Legacy Costume

    Sweeeeet. :)
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    Tron Legacy Costume

    The whole idea of having a awesome costume is to have fun, well not being able to go pee is the opposite of that. :lol
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    Tron Legacy Costume

    By not using a one piece bodysuit! Seriously, for the legs I'm getting a pair of leather pants with no pockets and laying the rubber foam armor pieces and electroluminescent tape on that. Going to the restroom won't be effected.
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    Tron Legacy Costume

    Greeting Programs! Doing my disk mod, with some consideration to details that I think haven't been addressed in other mods. I am completely cutting out the rear c ring and removing all trace of the battery door, filling in the battery door & speaker grill to avoid light bleed, also sanding off...
  10. diskback


  11. disk sanded

    disk sanded

  12. mmmbondo


  13. bondo applied

    bondo applied

  14. bondo closeup

    bondo closeup

  15. Tron Legacy Disk Mod

    Tron Legacy Disk Mod

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