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    3D Printed Mauser NEW VIDEO

    Any updates on this? Would be SO INCREDIBLE to have a replica MGC we could print out!
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    Field Marshal ANH DL-44 Build

    Nice job with the mystery disc placement! I see so many that aren't in the right spot!
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    Did Last Jedi inspire you for a new project?

    Luke's "cloak" or cape or whatever really bothered me. That costume at the end of the movie, I just didn't like the way the cloak split at the bottom. It just looked awful, to me. I did like that it was a call back to the ROTJ outfit, but I think it missed the "Mark", so to speak, with that...
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    Rare Prop Shop Kylo Ren and Rey Lightsabers

    I know nothing about these folks (Prop Shop)? Who were they and how long were they around?
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    Dann's All-Encompassing Lightsaber Thread!! - Old Rylo Hero Project

    Yesterday I made myself a replacement emitter for my old Rylo Hero. I had messed with the original emitter a few years back, changing the proportions to a more V2 looking emitter. It was kinda just something I did for fun. Anyway, I regretted it, and had planned to make a new one, at some...
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    Rehearsal Stunt Lightsaber - "The Core" sequel

    Also, before the center drill, get an automatic center punch. But yeah, you can get some really cheap center drills at harbor freight, in a pinch.
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    Dann's Blaster Projects - (Latest) SE-16 Custom!!

    Yeah, those voids needed filling! The bumpers are now gone, except the ones at the very rear. Everything's been toned down, and I'm feeling like it's getting closer. I'll take pics later!
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    "Amazing" Star Wars "Discovery"

    Okee dokee, nevermind everybody, sorry!!
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    "Amazing" Star Wars "Discovery"

    Yeah I know, I just meant had anyone watched it, yet? He released it a few days ago, or yesterday or something. Sorry, looking back at my last post, it's not very clear!
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    "Amazing" Star Wars "Discovery"

    A little off topic, but has anyone tried the re edit of TLJ? Personally, I don't think that turd will take any kind of a polish.
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    Han Solo Holster - Screen Accurate Pattern

    Ha! I love it!! Everything you need in life, right there. Except the woman. Or man, or whatever you like.
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    SE-16 Blaster variant

    Yes, the bumpers will be the first thing to go. Not sure about the pulleys, just yet. We'll see what happens! I do appreciate the feedback and the suggestions!!
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    Han Solo Holster - Screen Accurate Pattern

    I have mine hanging on the wall. Stand by while I find the pic...
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    SE-16 Blaster variant

    I should probably put these here, as well. Like Markus (Odiwan72) said, I may have gone over the top a bit with the greeblies, but, like Anubis guard said, it's better to go too far and explore more possibilities, and dial it back as needed, than to be too conservative and leave options...