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    Error's costume contest probably late submission

    Re: Red Sonja Fantastic. Great work. Great look. And I love the videos.
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    Movies that should never be re-made

    The Wicker Man..... Why? Oh why? Oh why? In fact any remake starring Nicholas Cage, should be reason enough for the world to implode and swallow itself whole. Beelzebub, unless your wart covered minions upon Hollywoodland, and let's have done with it. Now what's the betting he eventually gets...
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    London film museum Harryhausen exhibit

    Cheers for posting these. I'm down in the Smog me-self next week, I might swing past the Museum and take a quick gander at them. (Eek, I don't Adam and Eve it, I've come over all Cockney, Mary Poppins!) However, according to the Museum website, they're also exhibiting Thatcher (Iron Lady)...
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    Judge Dredd 2012 is gonna rock

    Not sure how much enthusiasm I can raise for this. I was so disappointed by the Stallone version (and then the Tank Girl film), that I almost gave up on British comic book adaptations altogether... or would have, if it had been for V for Vendetta. I won't be rushing to cinema, but I'll probably...
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    Pale Man costume from Pan's Labyrinth

    Fantastic work. One question... if you're planning on wearing it, how will you be able to see where you're going? There's always a downside to eyeless monsters. :) Dave
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    Hook's Ship from Peter Pan (2003)

    Wow fantastic. (Shame about the film) :) Dave
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    At The Mountains Of Madness, del Toro and Universal

    According to IMDB. Mr. Del Toro's next two movies are Pacific Rim, then Pinocchio. Personally I'd like to see him tackle a H.P. Lovecraft story one day. There's plenty of other great H.P.L. stories out there, if Mountains isn't going to work. Dave
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    Am I the only one that hates superhero movies (rant)?

    I'm another who is bored senseless by the big blockbuster superhero films... then along comes something like Kickass or V for Vendetta, and I conclude there's still life in the old dog yet. It just takes a bit of originality and creativity. Unfortunately most superhero films are all very...
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    Army of Darkness Mechanical Hand

    Give me some sugar, baby! Well, you've had enough 'Groovy's'. Nice work.
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    The Smugglers Room - Star Wars Themed Prop & Rec Room

    Re: The Smugglers Room - Entertainment Room - Back in the Saddle With the First Panel This is a fantastic looking build. Watching with interest, admiration and just a bit of jealousy. Dave
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    How to plastic coat foam costume pieces

    Some excellent work on here. And great tips. Thanks for sharing. Dave
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    lifesize Gremlin

    Looking good. The skin texture is excellent. Dave
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    Walking Dead Sheriff Uniform

    Nice work. Dave
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    Which comic book movies do you want to see made?

    Anything but more rubbish superhero movies, please. We've had enough! Dave PS. Sorry, that was a bit negative, right?
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    My Prop Replica Collection - An overdue update

    Re: My Prop Replica Collection - New Addition - Indy, Harry Potter Just fell off my chair, laughing at your Putty Patroller costume. Hope you didn't have to walk too far home looking like that. Dave

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