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    Armorsmith - New Costume Design/Building Tool

    Thank you to everybody who gave Armorsmith such glowing reviews, you've convinced me to pick up a copy after the holidays are over and things have wound down a bit. I'm looking forward to getting back into costume building, and I think this might be the nudge that I needed! Download...
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    Mask of the Phantasm: Andrea Beaumont 3 year build

    Mask of the Phantasm is my absolute favorite film of all time, and there are not enough Andrea Beaumont's/Phantasms out there. Nice job!
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    KING's Batman Templates

    Hey, I recognize that thread. And those files. :P I havent updated in over a year...I should continue working on that. I still have the detailed boot/shin covers ready for unfold, I just need to actually unfold them. Maybe I'll make some progress and resurrect that thread in the next month...
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    What costumes are you working on?

    Currently, I'm working on a version of the Batman: Noel suit. I'm using foam for the suit's panels, but I'm going to engineer a multi-layer vest out of a canvas like material with openings at the top of each pouch so I can add/remove panels as needed. This will let me keep the comic book feel of...
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    Yet another person jumping on the Deadpool bandwagon.

    Hi, how's it going, long time listener, first time caller... I've been hacking away at this costume building thing for a while, but the only suit I've finished to this point was a comic-style Batsuit of which I have zero pictures because it fell apart during a halloween party. SO, with that in...
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    Arkham Origins Bat suit Pep File

    Sorry for the double post, but I had to drop this off for you guys... I was really disappointed in how the game rip of the gauntlet looked. Without the texture file, it was super low-poly and very difficult to distinguish where one piece ended and another I modeled my own. Using...
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    Arkham Origins Bat suit Pep File

    The files I posted were a rip from the game models that I did myself. Although I would be lying if I said that I wasn't totally jealous of the files coofunkcurly has and would love to get my greedy little hands on them... I'd also be lying if I said I wasn't using pictures from his Origins...
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    Arkham Origins Bat suit Pep File

    Bumping this thread because of progress! Body (finished) - Download - 4shared - Joker Smith Gauntlet L (10% smaller) - Download - 4shared - Joker Smith Gauntlet L (finished) - Download - 4shared - Joker Smith Gauntlet R (10% smaller) - Download - 4shared - Joker Smith Gauntlet R (finished) -...
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    Arkham Origins cowl Pepakura

    You just made my life a hundred times easier... I was dreading pulling this model apart and cleaning it up for pep. Thank you.
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    Arkham Origins Bat suit Pep File

    I think I'm the guy from BotB you're referring to. I just finished the gauntlet unfolds, boots are scheduled for tonight. I will hopefully have low poly done by the weekend. I meant to post them months ago, but my life has been chaos lately. Also, since they're low poly, they're not...
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    Props made from pepakura questions

    I'll second what echo5633 said about matte instead of cloth...I just did gauntlets and boot covers for an Arkham Origins build last month, and as if on cue, the fiberglass cloth wasn't strong enough and the bondo cracked when I wore it at the premiere. I had pieces of bondo chipping off...
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    Arkham Origins Whose jumping on?

    I'm working on one too. I hope to get a build thread up shortly, I'm about 75% done with it. It's really exciting! LOVE this new look. Just realized the last post date before I posted in this thread. *smacks forehead* Sorry for necro posting.
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    Batman arkham origins WIP

    Re: Batman arkham origins WIP - pep unfolder needed ! Check the post with the screenshot comparing the pep to the concept art, and there's a link to a file called That's where I found mine. You'll have to scale and unfold them yourself, but it's totally worth it. It's a great model.
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    Batman arkham origins WIP

    Re: Batman arkham origins WIP - pep unfolder needed ! Niiiiiice. Also, I wanted to say thanks for posting all the files you're using. Your shin pep file and the .stl files for the buckle and pouches are really saving my butt, I was behind schedule until I found this thread! This is gonna be a...
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    Batman arkham origins WIP

    Re: Batman arkham origins WIP - pep unfolder needed ! Dude, this build is looking GREAT. Keep up the awesome work! We're all rooting for you!