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    I'm new so, HELP ME? +ArkhamKnight DLC BatmanBeyond Files :)

    Howdy! I decided to revisit this unfold, since it was pretty rough around the edges. Far too many seams for what you would want when building with foam. This new unfold is simpler, it's cleaner, it'll cut build time way down, and it'll increase the quality of your love life by a factor of 10...
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    What sewing/pattern drafting techniques are you interested in learning?

    Body suit patterning and Lycra/Spandex sewing. Useful for a lot of popular superheroes and muscle suits.
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    JaycVenlo's Deadpool Movie build, methods and files

    That's good info. Having extra stuff under the suit is something I don't even think about. They do a good job of fooling you with those movie suits. My son's swords just dangled around and shifted a lot since the strap was the only thing securing them. And great progress JaycVenlo!
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    JaycVenlo's Deadpool Movie build, methods and files

    The Plasti Dip does add some texture, but if you make the coats really light, it's minimal. Here's some examples of it on my Zoom mask. But still, using a really light coat of matte acrylic, or really light coat of black primer will dull the shine without giving much texture or risking...
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    JaycVenlo's Deadpool Movie build, methods and files

    I've had some success making the Plasti Dip more matte by peppering the piece with a really light coat or two. Hold the can twice as far as normal and just waive it back and forth. If you warm it up first, it'll atomize better and you'll get the tiny little particles drying a bit before landing...
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    JFcustom's FOAM files

    If you haven't figured out a way to do it yet, I got a couple solutions for you. If you're talking about the predefined cut lines that someone puts in prior to clicking the "unfold" button, you can click "undo unfold". From there, you can use the "specify open edge" tool, which allows you to...
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    Need this turning Batman azrael into a foam file please help

    Do you have the model, or are you looking for someone to model it out, too?
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    Completed: The CW Flash

    I know the feeling of getting mentally stuck, forgetting basic methods for easy strapping and securing of parts. I wouldn't have even thought of suspenders either, but it's a great idea for a number of different pieces. I'm glad you found a solution, because the costume and the modifications...
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    [finished] Batman Beyond helmet Arkham Knight version

    Awesome dude. I've been wanting to find a photographer who does this kind of work. You look straight out of a movie.
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    JaycVenlo's Deadpool Movie build, methods and files

    I know I'm freaking late in asking, but did you want the patterns I used for the shins? You've been better with consistently sharing so if you want to use them and improve upon them, then that would be cool. I just haven't been able to find the time to do a tutorial and share them.
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    JaycVenlo's Deadpool Movie build, methods and files

    haha. awesome. reminds me of mounting clocks and things on walls with screws? Maybe you can have a couple screw heads or hooks that stick out like the movie suit, then put some notches on the back of the scabbard the hooks could grab onto and the stretch of the fabric could keep enough...
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    JaycVenlo's Deadpool Movie build, methods and files

    For my son's, I attached it to the shoulder strap in the back. It didn't hold it super tight and had some wobble, but for just walking around, it worked well. No flips or jumping off bridges for him. I'm fairly certain the actual suit had clips and fabric actually sewn into the back of the suit...
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    JaycVenlo's Deadpool Movie build, methods and files

    I like them a lot. Really clean and really simple.
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    Chaos Knight (worbla)

    I humbly accept your generous donation of the chaos knight costume to yours truly. Seriously, though. I've seen a lot of people do incredible things done with Worbla, but few have the creativity and dedication that it takes to complete something as amazing as this. This deserves to be shown...
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    [finished] Batman Beyond helmet Arkham Knight version

    v2 helmet looks even better. I'm gonna have to try it one of these days.