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  1. Collektor

    Star Wars “ inspired” binoculars

    When I set out to do my Luke macros, I wound up picking up a few other cameras as backups in case I couldn't find the right parts. a long story short in the process of building one set of macros I wound up with one set of screen accurate and two 'in universes ones. Which I don't really mind...
  2. Collektor

    Anovos not sending products out for years

    I bought one of their Han Solo belt buckles. The mounting bracket on the back broke after the first use. I emailed them about it, they sent out a replacement fast, but I won't buy from them again based on the quality of their product.
  3. Collektor

    The Boys - Billy Butcher coat

    Butcher's coat was in all likelihood custom made for the production. You might be able to find a close enough knock off out there, but you'd be better off sending IndyMagnoli a PM and asking him about doing one. From what I've picked up on the details it's basically a western riding coat with...
  4. Collektor

    Purchasing .stl files

    Check out myminifactory and Thingiverse. Plenty of free as well as paid .stl files there. I learned this the hard way, but watch out for .stl files from video games. Sometimes they're pulled straight from the game files and they aren't manifold, and you can run into all sorts of printing...
  5. Collektor

    Transparent paint recommendations for backlit props/signs

    Vallejo makes some transparent paints that can be shot through an airbrush. I've never tried it for backlighting myself. I did shoot some of the stuff over a silver chrome and it gave it a candy coat sort of finish, so it may work for your application. I'd start by spraying a thin coat then...
  6. Collektor

    Blade Runner whiskey glass?

    I used to have a set of 4, now its down to one. I think this type of glass making an appearance on Battlestar Galactica in one scene where Adama was drinking in his quarters.
  7. Collektor

    Finn's "TRS" Macrobinoculars

    Isn't this the same macro that was used in Rogue One?
  8. Collektor

    Custom Blade Runner Snub Nose

    I've been trying to quit for a while now, got it down to about 4 a day. Thought about doing a Fifth Element 'To Quit is My Goal' dispensers, but figured the portable option would be better.
  9. Collektor

    Custom Blade Runner Snub Nose

    Here's a few pics of the finished build and a little companion piece.
  10. Collektor

    Custom Blade Runner Snub Nose

    Here's a zip archive with the relevant .STLs. There's only the right pistol grip .stl since the left grip is just a mirror copy of the right grip, which I mirrored in the slicer prior to printing it. The grip medallions are identical so you'll need to print out two of them. I almost forgot...
  11. Collektor

    Custom Blade Runner Snub Nose

    Apologies for the lack of updates, things have been hectic here. I have no plans to do a run, that's just a bit more work than I have time for right now, but once I get a few more things ironed out I'll put the .STL files up for anyone who wants to download them and make their own or remix it.
  12. Collektor

    Avatar SN-9 Wasp

    How does it stay closed? or is the final build intended as static with no moving parts?
  13. Collektor

    Luke Macrobinoculars Build

    Damn nice build! I have that same camera body lying around. Might have to take a stab at another set using that frame once I finish up my other builds.
  14. Collektor

    Custom Blade Runner Snub Nose

    It was a mix of paint techniques, I used no rub and buff. They Steyr upper and the side covers were primed with Krylon gloss black that was decanted into my airbrush. The silver metal parts were airbrushed with Alclad Airframe Aluminum before being clear coated with Aqua Gloss. The black parts...
  15. Collektor

    Luke Macrobinoculars Build

    Hovito loincloth too true. My problem is to get some of the lenses I bought I had to buy in lots of lenses, so now I'm looking at my greeblie boxes and thinking... Maybe just one more Eumig.

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