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    Mortal Kombat 3 Ninjas

    To be honest, when I read the title I thought you were referring to the 3 Ninjas movies from the 90's and giving them Mortal Kombat attire
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    Heated Metal paint job

    Do you think using a "color shift" paint could work?
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    Heated Metal paint job

    Not what I'm looking for.
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    Heated Metal paint job

    I'm working on a jetpack exhaust and was wanting to add a heated metal paint job. I think it would be cool to add the neat color variations. Something like this... I was wondering though if I could accomplish that sort of look, or something similar, using a "color shift" paint.
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    costume making with foam

    The only thing I can suggest would be to use contact cement instead of hot glue. Spread a bit on each surfaces you want to connect allow 5-10 minutes to dry (or use a heat gun on it for a few seconds) and be careful when joining the pieces together because when they do they will never come apart...
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    Bending plastic for helmet visor.

    I am wanting something that will work for an astronaut helmet.
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    Bending plastic for helmet visor.

    Hey, does anyone know how to bend plexiglas for a space helmet visor without using a vacu-form machine? Would a standard heat gun work?
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    need help making spinning barrel for halo 3 turret

    Re: need helm making spinning barrel for halo 3 turret Lazy susan
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    My Prop Replica Collection - New Arrivals - Too Many Movies to List in Title

    A lifetime of building a great collection = too much money spent. Who says money can't buy happiness?
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    Other than plasti-dip.

    Just curious... Has anyone out there ever experimented with other ways to seal foam armor other than plasti-dip? Perhaps by using flex-seal or anything else marketed as a sprayable rubber coating?
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    Need help with weathering.

    Think of something like a stormtrooper who had cleaned his uniform. Nice looking and shiny yet if you look close you can see some wear and tear. Subtle weathering and staining.
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    Need help with weathering.

    I am currently working on a full body suit of foam armor and getting close to the painting step. I'm so excited. But, I've been thinking about how to weather the armor. To be honest, I don't have much experience with weathering techniques. I was thinking of doing something very subtle but scared...
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    Buzz Lightyear Laser

    Thanks everyone for the great ideas.