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    IT Pennywise head

    Thanks for the info Bizzaro Lois!
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    IT Pennywise head

    I sculpted this years ago and used a copy of tim currys lifecast from IT.This is made out of white resin and has glass eyes.Paint work and hair by Jeff Camp Can anybody recommend me to someone who can make the pennywise costume.I would really appriciate it.Thank you,Alexander
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    "the wolfman" costume......WIP full costume test page 7

    Re: "the wolfman" costume......WIP mask make up test page 6 Awesome job
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    Ghost Rider

    here is my costume I got the mask from nate corteau Nate Courteau FX - Sculpture I bought the replica jacket from a company in the u.k and the gloves are cheap star wars halloween darth vader gloves and I added the studs myself and chain
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    Spaceballs Dark Helmet Full Costume And White Spaceballs Helmets

    Re: Spaceballs Dark Helmet Costume (W.I.P) Big Update August 1st ! That Is Cool!
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    Green Goblin Movie Suit

    Hi I worked on ADI on Spiderman I was one of the foam runners I worked on the muscle suits and webs spiderman mask test,ect .In down time I worked on the greengoblin suits.The pieces were a urathane rubber we had to sand all the casted pieces by hand and stretch that green fabric over every...
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    ghost rider costume or any skull like costume

    .::THE STORE::. I bought one of these and it looks awesome you have to have a small head for it to fit you though.
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    Batman 1989 - finished suit - new updates on page 4!

    Re: Batman 1989 - Using some RD parts to make my second suit - PICS Very Cool project
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    TheNickFox Presents: Raimi Spider-Man Pattern - Now Even More Accurater!!! (Page 5)

    Re: The Nick Fox Presents: Spider-Man Pattern Development (w/ Pic Heavy Tutorial) Very Cool!
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    Chewbacca Statue

    Looks great
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    Rubies Darth Vader Helmet Mods - Modifications Part 2 Finished Nov 15

    Re: Rubies Darth Vader Helmet Mods (update May 21, paint) Awesome job
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    1:1 Rocketeer display: FINALLY finished

    Re: 1:1 Rocketeer display Awesome display
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    Life size TDK joker statue (load of pics)

    The best statue I seen by far
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    my 7.1 Homecinema and Proproom

    Very Nice Room

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