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    Pirates of the Caribbean Talking Skull

    Ye come seekin' adventure and salty old pirates, eh? Sure, you've come to the proper place. I was asked to make a working (talking) replica of the talking skull plaque that appears at the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean as it appeared when the ride opened in 1967. What became immediately...
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    Toy Story - Emperor Zurg Modifications

    The Disney Store offers a pretty decent rendition of the Evil Emperor Zurg toy from Toy Story 2, but it's missing a few elements that really sell the character. The mission, of course, is to get as close as we can to the movie version. The first thing I wanted to address is the mouth. In the...
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    Can I coat Crayola Model Magic with a spray rubber (e.g. Flex Seal) to prevent it from cracking?

    The deal with Model Magic is that it shrinks a lot when it dries. Because you've got it on a styrofoam head, the outseide of your sculpt is shrinking, but the inside is unable to do so without cracking around the solid head form. Sealing it can help a little, but doesn't stop that fundamental...
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    Toy Story 4 - Movie Accurate Woody Doll

    That's awesome! Great paint work. I was planning on molding, resculpting, and casting a closed mouth head for my Signature Collection Woody, but now I'll definitely be following your build. One fix I did make was to separate the fingers on that doll, since they're fused together. Just a folded...
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    DL-44 Display "Sorry About the Mess"

    Old thread, but I just put the coin up on Thingiverse if anyone wants one: Imperial Coin by ChickenHaunt
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    Animatronic C-3PO

    This is impressive. Looking forward to your continued progress.
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    How Do You Make Glow Latex?

    I think you'll get much better results painting the glow on top of the latex than trying to have it intrinsic.
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    Pirates of the Caribbean Skull and Crossbones

    I don't know. The collector I did the skull for sourced the frame.
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    Pirates of the Caribbean Skull and Crossbones

    Here it is installed in the vintage frame that was used in the ride.
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    Pirates of the Caribbean Skull and Crossbones

    Haha! It's not totally unheard of, though. Remember that Poltergeist used real skeletons, and that was 20 years later! Hope you get around to your skull project. That should be fun!
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    Pirates of the Caribbean Skull and Crossbones

    Thanks. I just lightly scuffed the resin with a very fine sanding sponge, hit it with Bulldog adhesion promoter, then airbrushed a base coat of Createx acrylic. The rest was just washy passes of cheap craft store acrylics, a satin acrylic sealer coat, and a gold leaf tooth.
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    Pirates of the Caribbean Skull and Crossbones

    Dead men tell no tales... Here’s a fun little project. I was asked to recreate the skull and crossbones seen in the caves on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (last picture). I started with one of the excellent skulls from The Skull Shoppe and retooled it a little into more of a portrait the...
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    Cold Casting

    I did several tests in cold casting, and never got decent results from mixing the powder into the resin. I coat the surface of the mold with powder and back with resin. Polish gently with steel wool. Works great. Some people do the powder on the surface and also mix it in the resin as a...
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    I'll PM you

    I'll PM you
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    BANGARANG : The Pan Sword

    Really impressive work on the blade