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    Looking for Vader eye lenses

    Hello all! Been a while since I have been on here. Just finished getting my new Vader Helmet painted. I thought of using my old lenses, but would prefer new ones. My helmet is cast off of a Deluxe Vader. Looking for the tinted lenses (not red) If you have a set or make them, please post here or...
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    Want to Buy Graflex 3 Cell Original Box and Packaging

    Sorry cannot help you. looked at the boxes I have here, but it is in pretty bad shape. Thought it was in better shape that it was. good luck, and a bump for you.
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    Want to Buy MR Darth Vader ESB lightsaber

    I have one with all boxes (including shipping box), display case, COA, all paperwork and plaque. How much are you looking to spend? pm me.
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    Graflex flash prices .......warning possible spoilers!

    I have a few graflex here. Only problem is that I know at least one is replica. I need to figure which is the replica. **edit** I just looked and looks like all 3 are real (with patent numbers), but one is a 2-cell. Need to find a real 3-cell battery tube. i gave my replica to a friend as a...
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    Need advice of Freddy Krüger experts - Which glove to choose?

    David Miller sells gloves. I do not remember which one(s), but he was the original maker. i figure nowhere better than the artist himself.
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    Need Help with Necronomicon Replica

    **edit** i just realized that this site has hinges for doors etc.. Probably not for books. Try eBay and search for antique book hinges. This place has some nice hinges. Hope this might help...
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    Collectors Ruined Toys for Everyone!

    I managed a TRU Just outside of the Seattle area years ago when the huge boom started up with scalpers going after specific figures. As I was the one that stocked the Star Wars and Hot Wheels before the store opened, I would hold the ones that they were after by stocking the rest of the cases...
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    help with light from led

    What about using a reflective material around the LED like what is used around a bulb in a flashlight to multiply the brightness?
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    Want to Buy Master Replica mirrored display base or similar.

    David, I am not sure if this would work, but I have the mirrored base for the rebel blaster. Is the arms still salvageable on yours? if so, and you are interested in mine, you might be able to attach your arms to the base of the one I have might be too much work,but I thought I would offer as...
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    Done Flux Capacitor Label Maker labels

    Did you ever get these done? we found an old labeler in my wife's parents garage not that long ago, and am pretty sure we have red and black tape for it. email me at if you have not found them yet, and I will dig up the labeler. Brandon
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    Want to Buy Flash Hider for DL-44

    Check in the classifieds. Member "Boba Debt" has them for sale. He makes some of the best blaster parts out there.
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    What is your 'grail' and do you own it?

    My "Grail" was a Maltese Falcon. I looked for years trying to find the "one". Up until I found the one made by the most talented "Ozymandias" here on the RPF, all of the ones I saw were either terribly inaccurate, extremely overpriced, or utter garbage. When Ozymandias did a run here a few...
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    Want to Buy Hylian Shield

    I bought a Zelda shield and sword from last year I think. There are quite a few on EBay right now in a large range of prices. I hope this helps. Brandon legend of zelda hylian shield | eBay ***Edit*** I just looked and it seems that no longer carry them.
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    Want to Buy Phantasm Sphere

    Hi Pat, I picked up some 4" hollow spheres from Pier1 a few years ago to build a Phantasm sphere. They were intended to be lawn ornaments. Tthere is a small threaded screw on the bottom that can be pounded out easily. The picture shows the one I have next to a solid Phsntasm sphere to show...
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    Want to Buy Count Dooku MR lightSaber

    Just out of curiosity, what is considered a good deal? i am not in any way trying to start an issue, possibly knowing a roundabout budget might bring someone out that has one for sale. I bring this up as in the past I have seen similar threads asking for a good deal etc.. When presented with a...