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    ANH Jawa Stunt ION Blaster & Alternate Blaster / Tool RESEARCH THREAD

    It looks to me like it's the same at both ends - you can see the clamp at the end of the backshell on the connector that goes into the watchman's clock. There were only two methods of securing the cable into the connector - the cable clamp or specifically for braided cable a screw-on cap that...
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    ROTJ Vader MoM / DV6 style vintage Double Ball Latch FOUND inside MPP Case

    It's not an MPP-specific part. It's a double ball catch/latch that is used to keep cabinet doors, drawers, box lids etc. closed. That specific type is a vintage one that was made of stamped metal sheet (probably brass) which used to be very commonly found on furniture, kitchen cabinets and in...
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    Question: Made in Abyss Helmet base?

    Not familair with the series, but from a brief look at some clips and screenshots the cloth cover on the helmet is split into 6 segments and has a reinforcing tape on the inner edge of the rim, which are features of the Type 90 cloth cover so I'd go towards a Type 90 too. Using 1930's/WWII retro...
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    ANH Jawa Stunt ION Blaster & Alternate Blaster / Tool RESEARCH THREAD

    They were a type of locking sealed multipole electrical connectors that originated from a WWII British Air Ministry spec for connecting up electrical and electronic modules in aircraft, and originally manufactured by Plessey (I work a telecoms company that was once part of Plessey in the distant...
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    Star Wars Jedi Challenges. Has anyone torn down the hilt?

    It uses Bluetooth to communicate with the phone, so it's not likely to work if the antenna is inside a metal tube. Saying that, even the chrome on the plastic case of the controller would attenuate the Bluetooth radio signal, so the antenna may be external to the case, or behind one of the...
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    Is Darth Vader's saber blade painted (ANH) & blade flexing.

    Interesting reading about the possible use of balsa for the blades. Balsa is very light and has decent strength under bending, but it has very poor surface hardness (it can easily be dented by a fingernail). When used as an external skin on RC planes it's very common to cover it with a layer of...
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    Blade runner 2049 K's Blaster test pull chromed

    Very nice. Regarding the transparent paints over the chrome, I've been doing some tests with the Italian Kcolors candy filter colours (Black Neutral for the barrel and Black Burnished Metal for the more gunmetal shades - they also have Black Anodised) over polished aluminium/chrome for my...
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    Definitive K's Blaster

    There's not really such a thing as there's no definite reference regarding it's dimensions. I have three examples and they are all different sizes. I have one of the cheap roughly-printed ebay ones (two halves glued together) and it's comically oversized. I have an rgriesbeck kit which is...
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    Blade Runner 2049 - K's Holster (Safariland 1090 info dump)

    The holster was all handmade, other than the two resin castings from the real holster which can be supplied by RS Propmasters. Unlike Deckard's blaster, there's no definitive size reference for K's gun (there's no real gun parts involved to size it off) so you have to scale the holster by eye...
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    GET YOUR ASS TO MARS - Total Recall Briefcase

    The microcassette recorder under the bezel is a Realistic Micro-26 voice activated model ($150 back in 1990!): Realistic Micro-26 14-1043 R-Player Radio Shack Tandy, The keypad, as shown above, was taken from a Micrologic ML-7500 LORAN C nautical navigation aid (it used the LORAN C LF radio...
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    Bladerunner/2049 blasters

    For the filming props I'm pretty sure they used the checkerboard rubber shelf liner pulled tightly around the grip as a stencil (which is why there is a black stripe down the back, to hide the join) as the shape of the squares is not consistent around the curves and they lack hard defined edges...
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    Gizmo Corvette from Gremlims

    As a long-time Tamiya RC enthusiast I don't think the chassis used on the original prop in this photo is from the Subaru Brat: The Tamiya ORV chassis used on the Tamiya Frog, Brat, Lancia Rally etc. family of models uses independent trailing arm suspension. so the rear wheels usually have no...
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    WW2 Night Vision Scope?

    It's not a lens that's sensitive to IR light, it's a type of vacuum tube called a photomultiplier or image converter (it essentially amplifies the photons of light coming into it, and is sensitive to the IR range). The type used on the first US Sniperscope T120 system was made by RCA originally...
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    Blade Runner 2049 Badge Wallet Lighting

    Thanks, but it's only an LED backlight - the ID is printed on clear flim stuck to the front of the backlight, like it was on the real prop. The link to the thread with my completed buildup is here: Blade Runner 2049 Officer K badge wallet
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    Limited Run Blade Runner 2049 K's Blaster w accurate prop function, run is GO

    You have a PM (I think) about the final kit.

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