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    Bioshock Infinite

    Finally finished it this weekend. Like a fool I went in on 1999 mode. There were nearly controllers broken at the end... Then a couple of hours talking time paradoxes and hypothesising the Songbird with my wife :D Now for the DLC
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    Alien: Isolation

    As for having Amanda as the protagonist; who is going to be more tenacious in trying to learn and understand the circumstances of the disappearance of the Nostromo and Ellen Ripley? A daughter or some unknown investigator?
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    1/50 scale Planet Express Ship, Futurama

    Loving the look of this, especially after spotting it on the workbench in the background on the tested videos. Can't wait to see the casts :)
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    New Batman: Arkham game due this year?

    When they started offering huge tax breaks Tax Incentive Helps Montreal Become Videogame Central | Variety I can easily believe Conroy has already recorded his pieces for the next Rocksteady Arkham game. Arkham City was 'content complete', as in art assets in place, VA, playable from start to...
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    Interesting article on new xbox

    The $120 for Live comes from the cheaper $300 xbox + 2 year subscription. Basicly paying a higher rate in return for a cheaper initial outlay. As for the Gold Live subscription for everyone else, this is the latest rumour I have (source - Xbox Durango/"Mini" details -
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    Interesting article on new xbox

    Do auto companies make money on used cars sold - yes, in parts and labour, as a car gets older, it costs more to maintain. Do studios make money from movie rentals - yes, rental discs which are priced higher to include the license to rent the movie. Licencing deals to companies like Netflix. I...
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    Replica Ghostbusters Basement & Ecto Containment Unit

    Love it! What a brilliant space to have at a con :D
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    Re: My 1st attempt at a Pep costume.....SPACEMARINE

    So glad I caught this thread. Brilliant build, and loving the foam skinning technique. Great proportions. Can't wait to see more, keep it up! :thumbsup
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    Dredd (Post-release)

    Loved it, everything I wanted from a Dredd movie. Gonna try and take the wife to see it Sunday to show it a bit more support, because I want more!
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    USCM Aliens Terry English armor qn .

    Wear it! Hell, wear it for going for the morning paper. I would! Seriously, I wouldn't worry about con damage to TE set.
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    New In Progress Giger Alien Xenomorph Outfit - Completed

    Re: New In Progress Giger Alien Xenomorph Outfit - Starting to work on the head Can't believe I've missed this build. Great work! :)
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    Gears of War costumes

    Top notch work, great attention to detail, especially the strapping on the Locust. Well done! :)
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    Judge Dredd 2012 is gonna rock

    I've been crossing my fingers that this be good. Now I'm looking forward to it. As long as it doesn't get cut before release to get a lower rating.
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    Favorite NES/SNES games of all time?

    Damn, I forgot about Shadowrun. Brilliant game. Axelay - great SNES scrolling shooter
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    Favorite NES/SNES games of all time?

    Never had a NES, I threw my chips in with Sega and the Master System, but got a SNES as soon as they hit the shops. So much goodness on that little grey slab Legend of Zelda - A link to the Past Secret of Mana Mario Kart Cybernator (Assault Suits Valken) Super Metroid