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  1. BTTFSpencer

    Flight of the Navigator Trimaxion Drone Ship

    Do you have any plans to produce a model? :)
  2. BTTFSpencer

    Interest Egon Spengler glasses interest thread

    I'm interested and fascinated. Just need 298 more.
  3. BTTFSpencer

    If a screen used prop is heavily repaired is it still screen used?

    It is what it is. A percentage replica and a percentage authentic. I've read many times that it's best not to modify screen used props and I agree in most circumstances.
  4. BTTFSpencer

    Flight of the Navigator Trimaxion Drone Ship

    I would love a scale model of this. I've wanted one for years, ever since my dad showed me the film.
  5. BTTFSpencer

    Batman 89 Speargun *COMPLETE*

    Are the spear guns the same shape in Returns as in '89?
  6. BTTFSpencer

    BTTF II Delorean underside

    The Aoshima model kit is very good reference. They based the entire model kit off of the studio model from Part 2. The Part 1 model had none of this. I have a great deal of reference but due to the complexity of building a 1:1 scale Time Machine I have not done much research. I wish you the...
  7. BTTFSpencer

    Bandai Snowspeeder 1/48

    Thank you guys for chiming in, I really appreciate it!
  8. BTTFSpencer

    Bandai Snowspeeder 1/48

    I'm building myself a Snowspeeder in quarantine, as one does. I will record my build on this thread so that it may be critiqued. I enjoy learning and finishing my models accurately. I'd like to throw a question out and see if it can get passed along as to which original grey was used, or...
  9. BTTFSpencer

    Snowspeeder model from Star Wars Identities - Sydney 2019

    What is the origin of this model? Is it production built?
  10. BTTFSpencer

    Making a Terminator 1/2 Tech-Com Resistance Fighter Uniform

    I've wanted to make a T1 tech-com jacket for some time, the associated costs and effort involved were prohibitive at the time -- I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes. Best of luck.
  11. BTTFSpencer

    X-Files "I want to believe" Poster?

    This is something I really want, I'm not aware of every variation but I know there are a few. I would like one that is accurate to season 1...
  12. BTTFSpencer

    WIP: 45 Long slide from Terminator

    Why did you need to buy 3? It looks like just an additional toy pistol would work to my eye -- however my eye is not yet trained with this particular project. ;) Would love to learn more.
  13. BTTFSpencer

    Star Wars - Anakin Podracer Reference (Request)

    Is there anybody with a good amount of reference of the original Anakin Pod Racer set or models used? I wish I could figure out which colours they used back in '99 too but understandably there is some lack of interest in the Phantom Menace... but in all honesty, the Pod Race is AWESOME.
  14. BTTFSpencer

    Props lost or destroyed

    I can't get over the destruction of the Orca from Jaws...
  15. BTTFSpencer

    Mr. Fusion Waterslide Decals

    I would like to have some decals made up on an Alps printed if possible. Does anybody here actively do that? I say Alps because I require a white graphic on clear.

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